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Happy Bunny Day!!

i have been able to avoid all the Easter chocolates this year
i don’t know how – but i have.
i guess it’s because i am not a big sugar person to begin with
but come on – those Easter chocolates are absolutely delish!
mini eggs.
must i say more???

i’ve been able to roam the aisles at Shoppers – aisle after chocolaty aisle
and i haven’t even wrestled with the back and forth – the should i or shouldn’t i banter.
(i am however slightly obsessed with all the cute stuffed animals – for my niece and nephew of course)

So anyways – Easter is here this weekend…and i made it chocolate free!
there is no chocolate in my home – or at my desk – or in my car.
yay me.

i walked in to work this morning – and found this waiting for me on my desk.

well – i can’t say i didn’t try…and technically it isn’t chocolate

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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amazing restraint

usually grocery shopping is an enjoyable experience for me.
i love buying ingredients and coming up with an amazing end result.

yesterday was not one of those days.

i was determined to roast a chicken.  i had a recipe i just had to try.
the cooking time wasn’t that long…

so i picked up all the veggies and spices i required for this recipe…
getting more excited by the minute.
that alone took me a good half hour.

the last thing i needed was the chicken…so off to the poultry section i went.
the recipe calls for a 3 pound chicken.
all the chickens there were about 6- 7 pounds.
not a big deal right?  just double the ingredients and cooking time.
well…i don’t know about you, but i do not have 3.5 hours to waste on cooking during a weekday.
hell i barely have that time on a weekend!

so i had to go put back every single ingredient and spice i had picked up and start fresh.
what the hell was i gonna make now?  i had no back up plan.
i debated buying a big ass tub of ben and jerrys… but didn’t

i figured it out quickly and ran around the grocery store and grabbed everything i needed.
as i was running through the aisles like a mad woman i noticed coke zero on sale…but you had to buy 2 cases.
i’m just little so i knew i would struggle carrying all that but helllloooo…it was a sale, and i am a coke zero addict.
i ran up to pay….and put all my items on the belt…and noticed that i accidentally picked up chicken noodle soup instead of cream of chicken.
all the items went back in my basket, one case of pop under one arm, the other in my hand…and an over flowing basket in the other.
i ran back and i got the right soup…and went running to the check out…
and as i was running oh so gracefully…the case of coke zero ripped open.  it was like a slow motion movie.
my legs did some funky move…as my knee came up to try and stop the cans from falling out…
i saved the day…however i am pretty sure i pulled a muscle or 12…and entertained my fellow shoppers.

drama over, i went home.  i cracked open a beer (leftover from Friday) and calmed down for a moment.
i didn’t want to cook my dinner with hate and resentment ya know.

dinner turned out to be crazy yummy…so in the end…it was all worth it.

i rushed and got dressed and headed to the mall.  i had to return a phone i purchased on Saturday…cause i didn’t like it.  it wasn’t working for me.  the guy said i had 14 days to exchange it…so off i went.

did i mention i am pms’d?
i think that would be important to know…so you can grasp my mood.

i gave the phone to the sales guy, explained my issue – no problem – all was well – he went off to get the phone i wanted.
then he asked if i used over 30 min on the phone.  i said i have no idea
then he gets on the phone to call my cellular provider to find out how many minutes i used…which i thought was weird.
anyways..dood comes back and says “here’s the problem”
because i signed up between billing periods, he won’t be able to tell me how many minutes i used for at least 3 days.  so he cannot give me a different phone AND i can’t use my phone for 3 days, until i find out how many minutes i’ve used.

i guess what they failed to mention to me when i purchased the phone was if you go over 30 minutes you are no longer entitled to an exchange.
i later learned it was only because the company that sold me the phone would have to incur the charge.

not my problem.

i returned my phone within my 14 day time frame…and would like another phone please and thanks.
he said no.

umm…i don’t think so.

so i got on the phone with my cellular provider…ya know…cause i have that sort of time and the need to be that irritated.
i did mention i was pms’d right?

i got transferred 3 times.  3rd times a charm.  this gentleman totally fought for my right to paartayyy…i mean he told me that this company was LYING and they could not deny me a new phone.

2 hours later…i got the phone i wanted.  it wasn’t the sales dood’s fault..but he wasn’t being helpful.
i did my best to seem pleasant and lovely…all the while seething and giving off way more attitude than i intended.
he gave me my phone…i retracted my cat claws and off i went.

did i mention this store was right across from Laura Secord…and a few stores down from Cinnabons???
did i mention i am pms’d?

i escaped the mall and went home to pick up the pup and take her to the park.
she needed to burn off energy and i needed puppy love.

she was having a ball…and i was being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
damn ankle biters
when i started smacking my head and doing my mosquito dance…i knew it was time to go home.  i didn’t want to embarrass the pup in front of her friends you know.
i felt creepy crawlers all over my skin for the whole drive home.

did i mention i pass a Dairy Queen on my way home?
Did i mention i stopped at McDonald’s and only got an iced coffee?
no cone, no apple pie…no McFlurry?
just an iced coffee.

do you know how hard that is for a pissed off hormonal woman??????

by the time i got home and settled it was almost 10
stayed up a while to unwind and took the puppy for a late night pee
and then collapsed.

my alarm didn’t go off this morning – or i slept right through it..or i beat the crap out of it in my sleep

so i was late
if someone offers me a chocolate bar…i may just eat it.

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who the hell am i?

i was glancing through a People’s magazine.

one side of the page has this new caramel, double chocolate snickers bar and a picture of some sort of devil’s chocolate cake.

the page right beside it shows a picture of a Cobb salad.

what do you think made me stop in my tracks and exclaim  “YUM”?

uh huh – the Cobb salad kids.

i don’t even know who i am anymore

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oh la la

i went to the mall last night to pick up a few gifts
i was pleasantly surprised that i didn’t feel the overwhelming desire to punch anyone!!!
the mall was quiet so there was no pushing or being bumped into or rude people to contend with!
anyways…i went to go get some gifts…from Laura Secord.
When i was there a few weeks ago i noticed that they are selling board games made out of chocolate.  how cool is that?
They have Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and Clue.
all the pieces are made out of chocolate.
whoever came up with that idea is a genius!!!
So i picked up a few of those and crossed off a couple of names from my list and felt satisfied.
I don’t know what inspired me to ask the lady at the cash… but i did.
“do you have any sugar free chocolate?”
I don’t care who you are…how little of a sweet tooth you have…Laura Secord is hard to resist.  Everything looks good, smells good…i get a sugar rush just walking by there.
I wanted a piece of chocolate dammit!
The lady behind the cash showed us her no sugar added section, and a small box was purchased.  10 small pieces of chocolate for over 13 dollars. 
But isn’t that the way?  everything that is supposed to be good for you (or better for you) and healthier is way more expensive??
For 3 pieces of chocolate, there were 6 grams of carbs.  not bad my friends, not bad at all.
Anyways so i had a true Canadian evening.  Stopped at Tim Hortons on my way home, sat down on the couch and opened up the chocolates and savoured every bite.
Coffee and chocolate on one of the coldest evenings…with zero guilt.
Someone recently told me to find the pleasure in winter, and my god i think i just did!

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story telling


there are several reasons you will not find sugar in my house.
i guess the most obvious reason is…i rarely eat it.
i figure if my craving is that bad i can go to the store and pick up whatever it is that i want.
If i had sugar in my house, i am pretty confidant that i would eat it out of sheer boredom or laziness…
so again, better to just not have it in the house.
let me tell you a little story.
As a child, i was known to sleep walk.  Actually, so did my brother but this is my blog and it’s all about me 🙂
Anyways…i can’t imagine how tiring that was for my parents.  I am sure they had to sleep with one eye open at all times.
Once i was found walking down the street in the middle of the night.  Thank god it was a smaller city and all around just safer then…and i wore jammies 🙂
The years passed and i left the nest to go to college. 
I would visit home often, and my mother would always send me back with tons of food.  Most of that food was chocolate (mom is a huge sugar addict)
Not like your corner store chocolate.  We are talking Ferrero Rocher’s, Lindt chocolate etc.
The most peculiar thing would happen to these chocolates.
I would go to sleep at night and someone would sneak in to my apartment and eat the chocolate and leave the wrappers all over the kitchen counter.
I was perplexed!
That’s the story i would love to believe.
but alas, the chocolate thief was me.
Apparently i would get up in the middle of the night, unaware, and eat all the chocolate.
i have no clue why, and absolutely no recollection of doing it.
So, is that called sleep eating??
Eventually i stopped keeping chocolate in the house and i guess that curbed my late night sugar fest.
But, every now and then i am gifted chocolates…and to this day…i will get out of bed and eat them.  I find the evidence of my sins in the form of wrappers on my counter…or i guess as i have matured…my sleepy self manages to toss them in the garbage…
and seriously…zero recollection.
So now my solution is, no more sweets in my house.  Ever.
That kinda sucks for me cause mom gives the best chocolates at Christmas and Easter…
This summer i turned down a whole box of my favourite chocolates from Greece.
I just figure…what a waste of calories and carbs if i don’t even remember enjoying it.
And so..i say no to sugar.  My hips thank me for it.

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chocolate covered kisses

i deserve an award of some sort.
Halloween weekend and i got by unscathed. 
well…pretty much.
i was surrounded by little tiny chocolate pieces.
everywhere i looked…there they were.
and of course everyone in my life kept offering me chocolate
there was no getting away from it i tell you.
it would have been easy to eat a few…i mean they were tiny little single serving chocolates…
i could have totally rationalized with myself…just one!
but i didn’t
and actually i had zero desire to.
thank god my hormonal suckfest is over…otherwise there would have been none left for the kids.
besides i had way more fun watching my little monkey dipping in to the candy dish and helping herself.
unwrapping the chocolate all by herself…because after all, she is a two-year old genius!
her cute little lips covered in chocolate goodness.
she thought that was a good time to come over and give me kisses.
i laughed and pushed her away saying noooooooooo…which she found amusing and wanted even more to smother me in kisses.
i lost the battle. – i must admit i didn’t resist that hard.
kiss after kiss after sweet baby kiss – with remnants of Aero and Kit Kat.
second-hand sugar consumption.
it was well worth it….those sweet chocolate covered kisses.
i mean look at her!  she is so sweet my teeth just ache at the sight of her.
on to totally unrelated news, i found this comment on the blog next door.  loved it so much i wanted to share:

          ”  Holding hands is a gesture that can express quite the emotion. After all, the spaces between our fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in, isn’t that so? That’s probably why it’s so hard for some of us to let go.
Keep writing…”

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god help me

the picture should speak volumes as to how i am feeling!
what the hell is wrong with me????
6:30am, i got a sudden craving for brownies.  i kinda pushed it from my head…and a couple of hours later it was my strongest thought.
but it doesn’t end there…no it sure doesn’t.
from out of nowhere…an Eatmore took over my head…which lead me to a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen…to a strong need for a mcflurry with smarties and oreos.
and of course a chocolate milk…
then there were the white chocolate chip cookies from subway….and a joe louis.
which then reminded me how good wagon wheels tasted.
what is wrong with me?
this from a girl who doesn’t even like sweets….who never craves them unless i am extremely hormonal…which i am not.
what gives???
someone, quick, pass me a salad stat!

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