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lead me not into temptation

it’s Halloween night.

you’d think this would be a dieters worst nightmare come to life.
it sure can be.

not in my life tho.

where i live, kids are not allowed to go door to door.
instead, we buy treats for the kids and they are given to the little trick-or-treaters in the lobby.

the down side to this is you don’t get to see the little ones all dressed up
something about little cutie pies all dressed up makes my uterus ache.

the upside?
no chocolate in the house…which means  zero temptation to eat a butt load of sugar just ’cause it’s there…and more importantly no middle of the night sleep eating (yes there is a post somewhere on this blog about that)
sooooo i get to watch my Sara Bareilles on tv with no interruptions (insert squishy swoony face here)

i don’t know why – but i don’t even have the desire to eat crap.  someone actually brought in chocolates to work – and i had none
although i forced my coworker to eat a peanut butter cup for me – i wanted to live vicariously through his taste buds.
apparently i enjoyed it very much – although i am desperately sorry i had to force my coworker into the empty calories

Happy Halloween everyone!

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today – my heart hurts

my morning ritual is to catch up on world events…and so i go on line.
99% of the time i find myself sighing and asking myself what has this world come to?

a couple of days ago i watched the most heartbreaking video of a 2 year old girl in China being run over by two trucks.  the first one ran over her with the front tires…and then paused…then proceeded to run her over – ever so slowly with the back tires.  no one helped her.  no one helped her.
people walked by, biked by – and did nothing to help her.

today i read about a young boy named Jamie Hubley.

Jamie was 15 – and committed suicide a few days ago.
the reason?  bullying.

on this young boys blog he wrote of his severe depression, his cutting, how he didn’t want to live anymore…and finally a short suicide note…
how he couldn’t possibly wait 3 years (to be out of high school) for life to get better.

when i was a kid…i went through stuff.  i think almost all kids do.  i remember being depressed and hating my life…and i remember thinking to myself – that i would never forget what it felt like to be a kid in the throws of turmoil.
but i think a big part of me did.

i was never a victim of excessive bullying.  maybe i was one of the lucky ones.  i had an older brother who paved the way for me in high school – and so no one dared to bother me.
i also was never a bully.  i don’t recall ever being cruel or hateful to anyone in school.  sure there were people i didn’t like – there were kids i made fun of behind their backs…but i am pretty sure i was never cruel.
there was a period back in grade school…where a “friend” and i would fight every recess and get sent to the principles office…
and i went through a phase where i would fight boys until they would be my boyfriend – but i am unsure if that was bullying or flirting….or just normal

i read some of this boy’s blog today.  every entry, every picture….every single word was a desperate cry for help.
he was cutting himself – even his face….
i wonder – did anyone really try to help him?
if you saw a child walking around (and yes, Jamie was a child) – with self harm marks all over their body – do you not help? or do you assume that this kid just wants attention??
his blog screams “help me” – posts are tagged with “suicide” – and now he’s gone.

his family will never know what kind of man he would grow up to be.
Jamie will never know that yes, things do get better.  he will never get the opportunity to grow and become what he was intended to be in this world.

this has left me sitting here crying.  crying for a child i never knew.
crying for all the lost possibility
crying for his desperation, his depression…his final act.

i don’t get it.  maybe i am not supposed to.
has bullying changed since i was a kid?  has it become more aggressive?  more unbearable?
or is it simply how someone reacts to it – since we are not all built the same.

i am really bothered by this today.  i am affected….
and so i am writing about this here – hoping that it reaches as many people as it possibly can.
this should not happen to one more child.

i hope my nieces and my nephews – and any children i may have…never ever feel this hopeless, this desperate.
this makes me want to scoop them up in my arms and protect them from all the evil in the world.

i’m sorry for this downer post – but life is not all rainbows and sunshine is it…just ask Jamie’s family.

to read about Jamie – please click here. – and pass it on.

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just wrong, on so many levels

last night as i was driving home…
i saw a young woman walking with a baby in a stroller and a very young toddler holding her hand.

she seemed to be trying to do “something” all the while holding on to the little kid’s hand and the stroller…

and then i saw what causing her so much grief.

she was trying to light a cigarette!!!  talk about great multi tasking!!!

this irks me.  on many levels.
i do not think that people should smoke in front of children.  sure, you have an addiction, but these kids don’t need to suffer from it.
they don’t need to inhale it, see it.
these children didn’t ask for it.

man it burns my ass.

so then…as she starts walking ahead…and gets closer to my car…i see that not only is she smoking and handling two children under 2 years of age.
she is extremely pregnant.
i mean ready to pop pregnant.


it’s not like we don’t know any better.  it’s not like this is the 70’s and people didn’t really get how “bad” smoking is.
i don’t care what anyone decides to do to themselves…but there is an unborn baby in that belly.

i get that smoking is an addiction. believe me…i know.
but doesn’t the fact that you are growing a little human being in that belly give you enough strength to quit?
in her case i guess not.

i dunno – that visual is stuck in my head and makes me really really sad.

if you are going to have a baby…don’t freakin’ smoke.

bah, i feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

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i had a pretty good night last night.  i did my cardio, ate dinner, napped…spent some time writing at the blog next door…and then decided to see what was happening around the world.
I came across an article that had my head spinning like Linda Blair!!
I cannot believe some people.
There was an article about a woman suing McDonalds because of their Happy Meals – specifically the toys that come with it.
She is basically stating that the toys encourage her child to want to eat Happy Meals, which in turn will make her unhealthy and obese (in my words of course)
And…the kicker…..it makes parents have to say NO to their children.
Imagine a parent, having to parent their child!!!!
I remember Happy Meals growing up…and sometimes we ate them…not all the time of course.
If we were to throw a hissy fit for one…or for anything for that matter, my parents were quick to put us in our place.
What an odd concept…we didn’t get everything we wanted.  Imagine that!
I am not a parent.  I am an auntie to several awesome children…but a parent i am not.  But i don’t think you need to be a parent to understand the basics.  Feel free to tell me i’m wrong.
It just pisses me off to no end, that someone has the audacity to sue McDonalds instead of taking accountability for what their child consumes.
I get the world is a busy place to live in.  I get that sometimes a home cooked meal is a difficult option.  I get that kids can test your patience and that sometimes it might be easier to give in to a child’s temper tantrum than to try and talk it out.
i get all that.
But what i don’t get is why someone thinks it’s OK to sue McDonalds over a toy that comes with a meal????  AND i don’t get how there is a willing lawyer to take that case.
Wait i just spilled hot coffee on me…maybe i should sue McDonalds for a million bucks…cause hey…i didn’t know coffee was HOT!
oh wait, someone already did that. (ohhhh i went off i know…lol)
Parent your children.  it’s OK to say no.  Millions of parents have done so in the past.
Take responsibility of your children and the food they consume.  Just because there are Happy Meals in the world…doesn’t mean your child needs to eat them all the time.  If your child eats a Happy Meal – parent, that is on YOU!
Sheesh.  this really pisses me off!
I am in no way saying that McDonalds is an awesomely healthy place to eat – cause it’s not.
I am just sick and tired of the blame passers.  Sick and tired of people not taking accountability. 
I am just sick and tired of people out there looking for a quick buck.
Some people suck.  the end.
(i picked out the Happy Meal pic, cause it’s all bee’s – and that made me happy lol)
If you want to read the article i am talking about, you can find it here.

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1000 pound woman

most of you have heard of her…if not, this might make your toes curl.

A woman from New Jersey, who is currently 600 pounds, has set a goal to weigh 1000 pounds.

Donna Simpson is a 42 year old mother of two.  Her youngest being 3 years old.  Here she is.

She gives herself 2 years to gain the additional 400 pounds, by consuming over 12 000 calories a day.  She spends approximately 750 dollars a week on groceries to support this goal.
To earn her money she has her own fetish website, where men pay to watch her eat and bathe etc.
Different strokes for different folks.

It is so very hard not to be disgusted.

It’s obvious that this woman will take the attention wherever she can get it.
But my concern does not lie with her.
My concern is those children.

What kind of role model is this woman for her children?  what message is she sending to them about body image, health, self respect, morals etc.
It’s one thing if you don’t give a rats ass about yourself, but what about those children???

Who will take care of these children when this woman dies from all the health complications she is bringing on to HERSELF.  Who will be there to hold their grief?
Does she not want to be around to raise them?

Is this not some form of child abuse?  Are there any laws in place to stop her?

It’s like the lady who lives beside me.  Her boyfriend beats the shit out of her all the time.  the cops have been called a million times….and each and every time this woman defends him…and he does not get taken away.
Fine.  if she wants to defend him..all the power to her…but…and this is a very big but…this woman has four children.  Do these kids not have a voice in all of this?  if the cops have been called so many times…do the police not have some sort of legal obligation to remove him from the home and investigate?
what message is this woman sending to her children?  is she telling her sons that it’s ok to put your hands on a woman?  is she teaching her only daughter…that this is the way relationships are….and paving a road of abuse for her?

oh man i went off on a rant…i’m sorry.  but this really pisses me off.
Thank god i am getting a mani and pedi tonight..de-stress 🙂

Good luck there Donna Simpson.  It’s apparent you don’t give a crap about yourself…but what a wonderful human being you are dragging your children down with you.
kudos to you.

if you want to read more click here

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