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dinner last night

was ahhh-maaazing!

i don’t know if that’s vain of me to say…considering i made it lol
But i cannot lie…it was good.

As promised…here is a picture:

i have no idea how those potatoes made it on my plate!!!!  honestly 🙂

not to worry…i put them on there for the picture…sorta.  2 made it to mah belly…darn potatoes – they are sneaky!!!

Anywhoooo….it was a great dinner!

yay!  Happy Friday everyone…and if it’s a long weekend for you…Happy Long Weekend!!!

I think i am going to get my party on this weekend…it’s been way too long!

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i’m bringin’ it

if there is one thing i love to do…it’s cook for other people.

there is something about feeding people…that makes me insanely happy.

that’s my sex appeal 🙂
throw me in the kitchen, let me cook you a meal, flash you my smile and give you my look
and i’ve been told – you’re done
it is a powerful tool…so please be careful if i invite you over for dinner

i have only had one epic fail (as the young kids say) in my life
i do not speak of it.
if you ask me about it…i will deny, deny, deny.


a while back i invited my crush over for a home cooked meal…
and it sealed the deal…
hook line and sinker baby.
we were together for 5 years.

go ahead and ask my ex…they will tell you it’s true.

my food is my go get ’em card…i play to win.

i have a special dinner date tonight.
dinner is in the oven.

what am i cooking you ask??

i am making my famous greek chicken and potatoes
bound to keep you glued to my hip for a life time
(ok, a little red wine helps too)

but you don’t eat potatoes i hear you say.

i know, i know…
i got me some green beans i am going to steam to have with my chicken

the potatoes are not for me…but will for certain be enjoyed.

i’ll take pictures later and post.

Happy Thursday night!!!

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i’m a chicken

that is what i am
a chicken

remember when i joined the gym a month ago i was tres excited about the classes?
i couldn’t wait to dive in and fill my nights with class after class?

well i haven’t taken a class yet…and i am not too sure if i ever will!

there were weekends where i woke up early enough to attend some classes, but would panic at the last second and just go to the gym and work out.

i didn’t just come to the decision to be “afraid”
no-no, the instructors put the fear in me.

there have been a couple of times that i have been at the gym working out
and there has been a class going on at the same time.

with the room being relatively close to the room i work out in…i can hear pretty much everything.

the classes i heard were not pleasant-sounding.
these instructors must have taken some Hitler 101 courses…cause they were yelling at people…
and not just randomly yelling…yelling at people individually.

see…that just doesn’t work for me.

i don’t want to be singled out…and i really don’t want to be yelled at.
i am a sensitive soul lol

i want to be like a chameleon and blend in to my surroundings.
not called out on everything i CAN’T do
nuh – uh
no thank you.
i just want to take a class and do it at my own pace, my own comfort level…until i know what the hell i am doing

i get the whole pushing your physical limits.

but i am afraid i am way too chicken to put myself in that situation.

i am still debating the yoga classes
i am sure Hitler doesn’t run those.
and if she does…that’s some new kind of yoga people!

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rambling rose

i just got back from the worst.dinner.ever.

it looked soooo good on the menu…not so good on my plate.

i ordered their chicken stuffed with lobster, mushrooms and goat cheese.
it was to come with a side of veggies and your choice of rice or mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes.
sounds delish yes?

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i ordered it with rice on the side for my little sweet heart.
i just wanted the chicken and veggies.

I was served the chicken with mashed potatoes.
no veggies.

i had a bite of the potato…cause it was right there…and it was cold.
like fridge cold.
i asked for my veggies…and i got them…oh when i was finished eating my chicken.

the veggies must have just come out of the freezer as well.

i ate the chicken but it didn’t have any lobster in it…i later discovered the lobster was in my frozen mashed potatoes.

i decided to end the evening with a cup of coffee…
hoping it would save the night.
nope…lukewarm and i am pretty sure it was instant coffee to boot.

i shoulda stuck with the wine.

two thumbs down.

it’s too bad because this place was just beautiful inside…the ambience was amazing
the music just right…and the company of course…amazing.
my saving grace.

i’m gonna go eat some popcorn to quiet the rumblings of my poor belly.

i know, poor me blah blah blah


i couldn’t come up with a more creative subject for this entry.  it is what it is i guess!  my brain hurts today…just a warning.
today i wanna talk about chicken.  it’s true.
i’ve been thinking about chicken.  about how i just don’t like it.
if all i could eat meat wise was chicken, i think i would go back to my vegetarian ways.
i am not discriminating against all chicken…just the white meat..and the bones
i think my lack of chicken appreciation comes from od’ing on chicken breast years ago.  it’s all i ever ate.  dry, tasteless meat.  oy.
unless it’s marinated like crazy…or stuffed with something…or yes…breaded…i really don’t want it on my plate.
you will never find me ordering chicken off a menu…anywhere.
I could live a comfortable existance never cooking chicken.  but i do.
some meals just call for it…and in small amounts it’s tolerable.
but there’s another reason i don’t like chicken.  i hate touching raw chicken.  the texture of it makes me kinda sorta wanna vomit.  I do get past that eventually…but it’s still gross.
the worst part of it all…is the bones.  years ago i made my own chicken wings…which required me to cut these thin bones with scissors.  i barely made it through. i seriously got dizzy…light headed.  i cooked the wings…and when they came out of the oven…they went straight into the garbage.  i will never again cook my own wings no matter how much i love them.
and then there is my chicken and lemon potatoes that i used to make.  it called for a whole chicken.  you have to cut the chicken in half, which requires you cutting through bone.  ugh.  disgusting.  i.can’t.do.it!
So the other day, whilst grocery shopping, i needed chicken breast for my casserole.  all they had was breast with bone in.  nope.  i am not cooking that.  i could not fathom the nastiness.  i called elle bee…and she said she would do it for me.
but it’s not only touching the chicken that grosses me out.  it’s the clean up.  i feel like i have to disinfect everything. i mean even if a cat walks by i am tempted to scrub ’em down with lysol.  my kitchen feels so dirty when i cook with chicken…and i wonder…why even bother.
a couple of years ago i learned that my brother is the same way.  he actually likes to eat the chicken…but refuses to handle it for the same reasons as me.
so these are my thoughts on chicken.
today my ass hurts. lol.  too much walking the night before.
and really…i am just curious.  why do stretch marks not tan??
i gotta stop writing. lol

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