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vacation mode

it’s a little hard for my mind to wrap around vacation mode.

although, the night hawk in me seems to have no problem.

i was up until 4am this morning.  I stirred in bed this morning and struggled to get up.
I really didn’t need to wake up.
There was no work to go to, no dog to walk.  the cats were perfectly content lounging with me.
but i got up anyways.  sleeping in too long feels like a waste of day…why not waste it on the couch in my fat pants!
besides, i am a professional napper…and i have all the time in the world to do that today.

As i was sitting on the couch, with a purring cat on my lap….
the very last thing i wanted to do was move.  I argued with myself for what seemed forever and finally got off the couch (much to my cat’s dismay) and got changed and worked out.

I totally get how a lot of people have good intentions and yet give up on working out.  it’s so much easier to chill out and just be…

but…i am sooo happy that i did – like i always am after a work out.  It was good…i kicked some serious ass
and felt worlds better afterwards.

I threw myself in the shower…went grocery shopping….and now i am sitting here on my couch, waiting patiently for my awesome dinner to be ready (low carb of course)
I am drinking a low carb beer, and looking forward to the nap that’s gonna happen in the very near future.

with as much as i have on my mind….i am doing pretty well.  taking care of myself, eating as healthy as possible and trying to enjoy this time away from work – although work would be an awesome distraction if i have to be honest.

Today is a not so bad a day.

Let’s hope tonight, sleep finds me at a decent hour….i gotta be at the airport early in the morning!!!

Happy Monday kids.

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i get around

so i haven’t been able to go for my walks for a while.
the weather’s been pretty crap lately.

today was bee-utiful!!

i got home, threw on my sketchers and hit the 5 mile road.
god it felt great!!

I’ve met a lot of bee-utiful creatures on my walks….and this is who i saw today.

first there was George.  remember how i wrote about George?  well, George is actually Soda and a girl.  we said our hello’s and off i went.
then there was Tuxedo (don’t know his real name but he responds lol)  i was happy to see him, because there were missing signs around his neighbourhood with pictures that looked just like him.  he’s a little lover and a little drooler….lol
then there was Jasmine.  the 16-year-old, all white cat that chooses to live outdoors.  we exchanged some love and off i went.
then Stella came on by,,,,she’s approx 3 months old and we met once before.  she’s a shar pei/pug mix and just a cutie pie!!!

and then no walk would be complete without the love of Snuffie…the old cat down the street from my place.
his mom tells me he is unusually shy…but he comes to me every time for some good ol’ lovin
he reminds me very much of my Mamma…and i gotta say this gorgeous brown/black cat pulls on my little heart-strings.

i couldn’t tell you the name of one person i have met on my 5 mile travels…but i can tell you all about every animal that i have ever crossed paths with in great detail.

on to some not so happy news….i haven’t seen my rabbit friend who i affectionately named “dood” in a long time.
i wonder what happened to him….

man, i really get around

that is all 🙂

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