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boobies part deux

everyone has that girlfriend…you know the one.
the friend you have known your whole adult life, the friend you would say and tell anything to…
the friend that knows all your secrets and embarrassments and loves you more because of them.
if you are lucky maybe you have a couple of friends like that…
either way.
i got on the phone with mine the other day.
and we talked about boobies.
in great detail lol
i explained my dilema…and considering she is going through the exact same thing…almost to a T – we talked about boobies a lot
it’s refreshing to talk to someone who not only knows you inside and out..but has boobie issues too!
Her suggestion for my boobie issues?
dress ’em up!!
make ’em feel pretty and sexy and lovely.
did i mention that this bff of mine has recently changed occupations and now works at a place that makes really expensive and pretty and fancy boobie holders?
she has also been trained to do bra fittings…and although she has seen my girls over the history of our relationship…i do believe a bra fitting by my bff would be  uncomfortable…and bloody hilarious!
we would both probably end up on the floor in the change room laughing hysterically – cause that’s how we roll.
So we were on the phone for what seemed like hours.  she was at work…and while she was talking to me…she was sending me pictures of bras from her iphone.
pretty bras.
I was shopping over the phone 🙂
I can’t remember the last time i purchased bras in this cup size.  it still floors me.
i went from a bodacious D
wait for it.
yup…a Beeeeeeeeeee.
crazy talk.
Do you know what it’s like to have D cup boobies when you are just over 5 feet tall? 
it’s not fun.
I am patiently awaiting to receive my bras…from Calvin Klein (they make amazing bras by the way)
I bought 255 dollars worth and spent 70.00 (plus shipping costs)
i love her staff discount!!!  woop!
have i ever mentioned here before that i have a serious bra and underwear addiction?
cause i do…big time…and having a friend who can get you anything you want at a ridiculous price…could be dangerous.
extremely dangerous.
i am ready to dress up my boobies and make them feel all fancy like
no…there will be no pictures…although i did promise my bestie a few
if you ask her…she would totally send them to you! cause that’s how she rolls

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