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one of those days

it’s one of those days today.

the kind of day where i just want to crawl out of my own skin cause i can’t even stand myself.
and it’s only 9:30.
i am sure it’s all hormonal.

it started when i woke up.
i got dressed and took the puppy out.
it’s 6:30 in the morning…i don’t anticipate to see many people.
but today everyone and their mothers were out walking their dogs.
so of course the puppy wanted to play.  and of course i let her.
she is cooped up in the house all day and i feel badly for her.

i am not a morning person.  never have been and never will be.
throw me in a mix of pleasant people who want to have a conversation
and that’s enough to make me blow.
don’t get me wrong…these people are lovely.  i like them…and look forward to seeing them outside…
but just not in the morning…when i have been awake for all of 30 seconds
looking like a crazed woman with uncontrollable bed head…and in a rush to get ready for work.
the last thing i want to do in the morning is talk and smile and be animated.  i just want my cup of coffee…or 2…
then i will be ready to face the world head on.
so because we played outside…i was running really late.
and the bad mood was completely set in.
but – the puppy had fun…so it was worth it.

today must also be national idiot day.
they all just happened to be on the road at the same time i was.
you know, not even driving the speed limit…or applying their lipstick
or – just the basic idiots who think i am invisible and almost run me off the road – twice.
who knows…maybe everyone is pissed off at today’s gas prices.

i got to work…pretty much unscathed…but oh so miserable.
so…i thought i should treat myself to some breakfast
because food is love…and i needed love.

and this is where my food issues come in.
it may sound petty, or crazy…but it is what it is…and when i order food…i want it a certain way.
all i asked for was an egg.
so when i ask for an egg…i assume i am going to get a fried egg…that she will just crack that baby over the grill and voila
well…you know what they say about assuming…
in the morning they also have some premixed egg…stuff…ready to go…for omelette’s etc.
so this new girl took a ladle full of this premixed egg instead of giving me a “real” egg
for a girl with weird food issues – this was my icing on the cake. egg white and yolk all mixed together – baahhhhh!!!!
it was too late to tell her…since it was on the grill…and i came upstairs defeated.
i do believe i had tears in my eyes.
i just wanted an egg dammit.

annnnnd Wednesday’s are my one of my craziest, most stressful days of the week at work.
again, it’s only 9:30.  oh wait, it’s 10:00
not bad.

i am going to have an awesome time kicking ass at the gym today.
i say bring it ON!

on to some positive news…
i have been getting tons of hits on two poems i submitted a couple of weeks ago.
literally about a hundred hits a day with some awesome compliments.
maybe writing a book is not that much of an unreachable dream huh?

i hope your day is much, much better than mine.
it can only get better from here.

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breakfast of champions

i can admit it.
i don’t eat breakfast often.
i know that i should…but most times i honestly am not hungry when i get up.
it takes a couple of hours for my body to recover from the absolute horror of waking up at such a god awful hour.
(my personal trainer said i should eat something within the first half hour of being awake.  yeah…ok then!)
i used to make snacks.  once or twice a week i would cook up a storm and pre-pack little snacks to eat through the day.
when i had those snacks – i ALWAYS ate them.

and then i got lazy.

ok, maybe not so much lazy…as spoiled.

i just happen to work somewhere, where i don’t even have to think about what to eat…they just make it for me.
for under a buck 25 a day.
we have a very nice lunch program here 🙂

and if i want breakfast…they feed me breakfast.
it is that simple.

it could be why i started off at the company super skinny
and suddenly had 20 pounds to lose.
i blame katie’s peach pie.

i’ve never been a big eater.  never.
even now – although i eat dinner every night…i eat it in snack size portions (most of the time…sometimes i swallow the whole meal without even chewing)

for example…the other day…i bought myself some lunch (please refer to my green bean video i posted)
i bought that early afternoon.
as you can see by the video…it was dark outside when i decided to finish eating it.
and that honestly sustained me all day.

love me for who i am dammit.

i am aware that years and years of eating very little…or maybe not even eating at all has totally screwed up my metabolism and contributed to the fact that it is very difficult for me to lose weight.
i get it…now.

but it’s all good.

i have people cooking for me every which way i turn.  it’s like i’m the queen or something.
i will never go hungry!
(except weekends…i am on my own then)
so this morning, i was hungry.

i got me some breakfast…and this will keep me going a long time.  i don’t even know if i will be hungry at lunch.  that’s the awesome thing about protein.  talk about a filler-upper.

and so i present to you…today’s breakfast of champions.

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new beginnings

i went out for a breakfast date this morning.
i forgot how much i love doing that!!!
there is a place locally…that is always busy…and always good
i hadn’t been in ages, so i thought i was long over due.

there is nothing better than throwing on a baseball cap, not worrying about my hair or makeup
and just going out and enjoying some one’s company
and some yummy breakfast!!!

of course watching me eat breakfast is a joy in itself…or so i have been told lol

as you know…i am pretty “weird” when it comes to food…but eating breakfast requires alot of prep on my part lol
see…i never knew i did these things until they were pointed out to me
but over the years…i have come to accept that…i am weird.
it’s all good.

of course…none of the food can touch – this is a given
the toast can’t even be on the same plate – i don’t know why…i have no rhyme or reason
but it is what it is.

and yes…i decided on eating toast with my breakfast today – whole wheat but of course

well because i got my eggs over easy.
you can’t have over easy eggs without toast.  it’s just wrong.
for over a year of my life i’ve been eating my eggs every other way but over easy because of this.
so it was time.

so yes…after i made sure none of my food was touching…
i separated all of my eggs
i always eat the egg whites and save the yokes for last.
i save one slice of bread to dip my egg yolks in…and the other slice i put jam on
it can’t be eaten any other way.
if by chance my breakfast comes to me with a broken yolk..i swear i almost have a coronary.
again – i don’t know why…it’s just the way it is.

i also notice i eat my breakfast in circles.
i don’t even know if i can explain that….
i eat some egg…then i eat my bacon or sausage..and then the hash browns
then i start from the beginning.
i save my toast with jam for the end

true story.

it takes special people to love me dontcha think? lol

and so breakfast this morning was a celebration
a new beginning to a new chapter in my life
it’s a little scary..a little new…a little life altering.
those of you who know me know i am a little scared of change…
but this is a good kind of change
a moving forward kind of change

life is awesome…
and it just keeps getting awesomer.

so breakfast is going to become a regular thing…
i want to go out for breakfast more often…
celebrate more often.
celebrate the fact that life always…always works out just the way it should, the way it’s supposed to.
(i won’t always have toast with my eggs but u get where i’m going)

the new word for the day: awesomer.  you must all use it in a sentence at least twice today lol

hope your weekend rocked your socks off 🙂

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