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not gonna happen

there are just some things i won’t give up to get to size sexy bitch
i think in the past, giving things up that i loved, was the reason for my demise.
the reason the skinny walls came crumbling down.
like i blogged last night…i got my new bras
and even though they are sexy sexy sexy
i still have a long way to go to feel as sexy as they look
know what i mean?
anyways…these are things i will not give up.  nope. not ever…even for size sexy bitch.
i know i’ve blogged here before about my crazy diet coke addiction.
not just diet coke.  fountain diet coke from McDonald’s…that indeed is my crack.
i could drink it every single day..no problem – but i don’t.
but i could.
and i won’t stop…and you can’t make me.
living right beside a McDonald’s makes it all the more tempting
(yes, that means my gym is right beside McDonald’s too lol)
i gotta tell you…i am a little sick.  sometimes i just want a salad from there to give me a reason to get the diet coke.
i’m not stopping.  nuh-uh.
never gonna happen.
you may appreciate that if you have ever been around me without a cup of coffee in my system.
I gave up coffee back in the day for about 2 weeks.
worst 2 weeks of my life…and probably for those who had to deal with me.
i had the worst headache and was in the worst mood.
i love my coffee.  i don’t think i over do it…i don’t drink copious amounts…
but it’s my drug in the morning….and my 2nd wind when i hit the 3 o’clock wall at work.
need i say more???
i am aware that it’s pretty high in calories
but i don’t care. tis true.  i care not.
a glass of wine in the evening – especially in the winter is a necessity…a survival staple
besides, my doctor strongly encourages me to drink
when i told him i enjoy my glass of red..he said i could enjoy 2 if i wanted
i think my doctor rocks.
he might be a closet alcoholic…but i love him
if i were to say no to these things…do you know how miserable i would be?
i understand the concept of losing weight and being healthy…i do
but with the knowledge that i can never have something ever again…well that is indeed a recipe for failure.
and that goes with everything else.
the word NO does not exist for me.
instead i live by not now, not today, not necessary
i have not banned any form of bread, rice, pasta from my life
i simply have no desire to eat it.
but i can if i wanted to.
and simply giving myself that choice, makes me not want it at all.
just the other night i had a sub on a whole wheat 9 grain bun
it was delish – and not the worst thing i could eat.
it was after 2 days of wanting…so on the 3rd day i had it.  obviously my body was craving something in it yes?
anyways that’s my story.
size sexy bitch is attainable – without giving up everything and anything you love
plus…going to the gym now gives me more room for some sinful pleasures.
that is all.
now someone please get me a diet coke?!

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they’re heeeere

i finally got my package today.

you know…the boobie package!!!!

oh my god…they are beautiful…sexy…purrrrfect (the bras…ok and the boobs)

if i didn’t think i still had a ways to go in this whole toning journey i would totally post them all over this blog (the bras..with the boobies in them)


i kid – sorta

happy boobies woohoooo

too far?  nah.

i’m just rejoicing in my boobies lol

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the first day of cool

yes…today is my first day at the gym.
my first day of my new “cool”

my work out clothes are neatly folded on my dresser, waiting for me when the work day is done.
my runners are dusted off…they have only been used…a little…cause well they look good with my jeans on dress down day.
i’ve tried to memorize the three digits on the lock  i just bought…you’d think i would remember it…alas…old age has taken over

so i am ready and nervous and scared and excited and…and…and
oh god i’m gonna hurl.

it’s like the first day of school…but i am sooo much cooler now lol
hard to believe I KNOW!!!

in my late teens and early to mid twenties
the cool thing to do was to go to clubs and party all night long
drink the boys under the table
and sleep all day…and then do it all over the next

for my prom…all i had to do to lose a dress size
was twitch my nose and voila
a size two was born.
you know why?
cause i was cool

i look at dessert and i gain 5 pounds.
the thought of going to a club and keepin’ up with the boys makes me sleepy..and anxious
and two glasses of wine is over my limit (ok i thought about it…i can do more than 2 glasses hello) and it takes me three times as long to recover.

sure…you young bucks reading this must think i am so lame
but haven’t you heard?
that the bird is the word?
i mean…the new cool is the gym.
seriously…look it up!

i have finally figured out in my old age
that eating healthy + working out…

so wish me luck…and hope i fit in with the cool kids…
who am i kidding…they’ll looooove me!
(And yessss…that pic i posted could be me!)

and as for my post from yesterday?
about my boobies?
my bra pusher sent me another picture.  2 bras are on their way to me. 85% off
god help me
she knows my drug.  she feeds my drug
i love her.

and for more unrelated bee news
did you know i have a myspace account?
cause i sure as hell forgot i did.  lol.  i rediscovered it last night.
oh…mind, why do you fail me so?

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boobies part deux

everyone has that girlfriend…you know the one.
the friend you have known your whole adult life, the friend you would say and tell anything to…
the friend that knows all your secrets and embarrassments and loves you more because of them.
if you are lucky maybe you have a couple of friends like that…
either way.
i got on the phone with mine the other day.
and we talked about boobies.
in great detail lol
i explained my dilema…and considering she is going through the exact same thing…almost to a T – we talked about boobies a lot
it’s refreshing to talk to someone who not only knows you inside and out..but has boobie issues too!
Her suggestion for my boobie issues?
dress ’em up!!
make ’em feel pretty and sexy and lovely.
did i mention that this bff of mine has recently changed occupations and now works at a place that makes really expensive and pretty and fancy boobie holders?
she has also been trained to do bra fittings…and although she has seen my girls over the history of our relationship…i do believe a bra fitting by my bff would be  uncomfortable…and bloody hilarious!
we would both probably end up on the floor in the change room laughing hysterically – cause that’s how we roll.
So we were on the phone for what seemed like hours.  she was at work…and while she was talking to me…she was sending me pictures of bras from her iphone.
pretty bras.
I was shopping over the phone 🙂
I can’t remember the last time i purchased bras in this cup size.  it still floors me.
i went from a bodacious D
wait for it.
yup…a Beeeeeeeeeee.
crazy talk.
Do you know what it’s like to have D cup boobies when you are just over 5 feet tall? 
it’s not fun.
I am patiently awaiting to receive my bras…from Calvin Klein (they make amazing bras by the way)
I bought 255 dollars worth and spent 70.00 (plus shipping costs)
i love her staff discount!!!  woop!
have i ever mentioned here before that i have a serious bra and underwear addiction?
cause i do…big time…and having a friend who can get you anything you want at a ridiculous price…could be dangerous.
extremely dangerous.
i am ready to dress up my boobies and make them feel all fancy like
no…there will be no pictures…although i did promise my bestie a few
if you ask her…she would totally send them to you! cause that’s how she rolls

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umm, by the way…listen to my latest addiction right here
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yeah i said it
i wanna talk about boobies.
mine really.
don’t worry, this isn’t a picture post!

i’ve sorta been obsessed with my boobs lately.
sounds odd i know…but stay with me.

let me tell you a story

i was a late bloomer.

i remember being a kid and trying on my moms bras
yes…weird i know.
when i was 6 i prayed to God to have boobies like my grandma – to say she was big chested is an understatement.
i would shut my eyes tight and just pray.

i remember being 13-14 years old and making my mom take me shopping for training bras
i really didn’t need them.  at all.
ask the boys i went to school with…especially a guy named Troy.  his nick name for me was “mosquito bites”
that spread like wild fire.
all the other girls needed to wear them…and when i changed for gym class i wanted to be wearing one too.

enter grade 9.
something happened to me the summer before grade 9 started.
i blossomed.
and i don’t mean budded…i mean i grew a woman’s body over night.

be careful what you wish for.
my bounty was plentiful
my cup runneth over.

all of a sudden people noticed me
and by people i mean boys.
all of a sudden i was asked out.
it was all about the “girls”

i was blessed in the boob department.
i hated it.
the saying, you always want what you don’t have is true.

i wore baggy shirts to draw the least amount of attention to them
i hated feeling like i was an object
i hated my boobs.

but then i realized…people would stare no matter what i was wearing
and so i embraced my boobie-liciousness
wore tight shirts and was proud of ’em.

i was envious of the girls who could wear t-shirts with no bras
those were the kind of boobs i wanted.

a few years ago…when i lost a ton of weight…i was finally, for the first time…since i was 15
able to rock a shirt with no bra.
i think i might have cried a bit.

then, but of course, i gained some weight back over the years…and voila
the girls were back baby.

this time around…i lost alot of the girls.  a hell of a lot.
i actually spent about 200 bucks on new bras before i started low carbing…and 3 months later i needed a new supply.

my boobs are no longer plentiful…
really….i wear a size small sports bra now and it’s loose.
i think the constant up and down on the weight ladder
has confused them…
depressed them
they are just not as perky as they used to be 🙂
they no longer stand at attention like…oh…when i was 17.
and yes, i am sure aging hasn’t helped.

i could wear a tshirt without a bra…but i don’t think i would punish the general public
they did nothing wrong.

i have been anti any kind of surgery that “fixes” what age takes away, but seriously…
these past couple of weeks i have been boobie obsessed
and have been thinking a little lift and tuck might not be a bad thing

and this has been an ode to my boobies.

this blog has been brought to you by the letter C and numbers 3 and 4.

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