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body dysmorphia

i’m pretty sure i struggle with this.

i am sure alot of people do.

i decided to change my life (for the 10th millionth time) last August.
i was struggling with what i saw in the mirror every day.
although i was working out and eating relatively healthy…i just wasn’t consistent
i would fall off the wagon and jump back on
over and over and over.

finally something snapped inside of me
and i needed to change

it started with me buying a program from beachbody that terrified me
and committing myself to finish it.
i am no stranger to their programs – but this one was tough
and i was going to do it.
21 day fix – 3 weeks to a better you. it comes with a meal plan and portion control containers
this was my first time swaying from my low carb lifestyle and doing exercises that beyond challenged me
i still to this day will swear at Autumn (the instructor) as i’m pushing myself

i am happy to say i DID complete it. more than once.
I am currently on my 7th round. SEVENTH!
i did a couple of other programs in between
but apparently this is my go to.

this is where the mind plays tricks on you.

i have been consistent for 11 months
i work out 6 days a week.
my diet is 80-90% clean (i have the occasional cheat meal – i AM human)
i needed 3 weeks off for an injury i sustained from working out
and then i took a month off from coming down with the most horrible flu of my life
but other than that – i’ve been on track.

i never weigh myself
but i did measure
as of January 7th i lost a total of 22.75 inches off my whole body!
and i haven’t measured since
my clothes are fitting much looser – and some things from last year are just too big to wear
depending on where i shop – i am down 1-2 sizes
and according to Victoria’s Secret, i am down two cup sizes (to some people’s disappointment lol)
i take pictures to see progress…

and i see it. but i definitely don’t register it.

i see the me i was last august – if not bigger

and even though it makes absolutely zero sense
that is exactly how i feel

i feel like i have made no progress
no matter how my clothes fit – or what pictures tell me

it makes me want to give up
makes me want to quit

but what will that do for me?

just make me even more miserable than i already am

i feel good. i feel healthier. i have alot more energy
i love the way i eat…and even though alot of times i dread working out
i never regret a work out

i ordered a dress on line a few weeks ago
i never buy clothes on line
anyway it came the other day. i just looked at it and thought no freaking way am i getting my body in to this
i threw it aside and never even bothered
i called it the barbie doll dress – because i am sure it wasn’t designed to fit a human body

last night i tried it on
honestly – just to see how funny i would look in it
get a few laughs

it fit – it fit nicely
and my jaw dropped

form fitting – tiny – sexy even

and it fit

not sure why i’m shocked – since i work my ass off every single day

but this is where i am at
feeling uncomfortable in my skin – even though the results are there

next week i have to go bikini shopping

i’m going to need someone to talk me off the ledge
and keep me away from all the comfort food i’m going to want to devour

it’s a struggle
but i’m trying

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skin and bones

i was playing around on YouTube tonight…as i often do…and i discovered this song.

i think every teenager /young adult with a poor body image needs to hear this.  this song literally gave me shivers – not so much because of the music, but because of the lyrics.  i am sure 99% of the world can relate to this at some point in their lives.

Skin and Bones
I lock the door
 Turn all the water on
 And bury that sound
 So no one hears anything anymore
 Mirrors lie to me, tell me you can see
 Maybe you won't be able to recognize me now
 I know you can feel all the things you steal
 And you're taking, you're taking it

 Feeling so easy
 Make me skin and bones
 I'm always on my knees for you
 You break like it's even
 When you're leaving it
 Thin, where the hell have you been?

 Well sometimes it burns
 Baby I'll wash it out
 It all looks so big
 Never mind, I don't feel anything

 It only hurt a bit
 I still feel like shit
 And I think you won't be able to recognize me now
 It's easier to quit
 It's harder to admit and
 You're pushing me, you're fucking pushing me!

 Feeling so easy
 Make me skin and bones
 I'm always on my knees for you
 You break like it's even
 When you're leaving it
 Thin, where have you been?

 'cause you always win
 And you... yeah!

 Laughin' like it works
 Bleeding like it don't hurt
 Knock you off your feet
 Even if you need me
 Tear you apart and I hate how I need you

 Feeling too easy, make me skin and bones
 I'm always on my knees for you
 Break like it's even
 When you're leaving

 It's too fucking easy, make me skin and bones
 I'm always on my knees for you
 Break like it's even
 When you're leaving it
 Thin, where have you been?

 'cause you always win, and you always win, you always win
 I will burn all this 
Marianas Trench

you can watch the video here

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my body

i’ve realized that i am pretty tough on my body.  i think alot of us are. 
i am not talking about pushing my body during a work out.  i am talking about being critical, hard, unfair…aesthetically.
no my body is not what it used to be…and really….should it be?
we age.  things don’t stay the same….gravity hits 🙂
On Sunday i was sitting on my balcony right before we left for the fundraiser.
across the way i saw a woman in a wheel chair, pulling along a trolley full of trash.  she made her way to the bin and carefully threw each bag of garbage over her head and in to the bin.  i held my breath with each toss…
Such a simple thing.  taking your trash out.
i take for granted how absolutely wonderful my body is.  How blessed i am to be able to wake up in the morning…and have my body do exactly what my brain wants it to do.
that i can walk downstairs and throw away my trash.
that my vessel is still amazingly awesome and can do just about anything
(although i am afraid i can’t do cart wheels anymore lol)
i’ve got to remember that more often when i am feeling sorry for myself.
the fact that i have been blessed with such a healthy body should be enough.
Happy Hump Day kids

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