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most random thought to date

seriously….not sure where my head is at sometimes…

and why i think the things i do…

but it is what it is and i am who i am…and so just to let you all know what’s been on my mind since first thing this morning..

are you ready?

are you sure?

I woke up thinking….

“i would love to see the world through kaleidoscope eyes”

no rhyme, no reason…just ’cause.

but c’mon…wouldn’t the world be an even prettier place?

as you were…no more random from me for a while, i promise!

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it’s hard being me

it really is.

i was thinking about this tonight as i was colouring my hair.
(i think i am going to be a light brown vixen…but we shall see soon enough)

besides the regular maintenance of trying to keep healthy, you know
like eating right, drinking alot of water, working out etc
it’s really hard…and time consuming being a girl.
you have to always look perdy and smell perdy.  life is tough!

i was at a private l’oreal sale today and was able to stock up on the things a girl may need
like shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, skin moisturizer, never look a day over 25 cream etc.

i am always doing something to maintain my beautiful, good lookin’ self lol

like tonight…colouring my hair.  the colour won’t last long…so it’s something i gotta do often – more often than i want.
it would be awesome if i could get it done by a professional…but that’s not the way things are these days
i started going gray at a very young age…and those buggers do not hold on to colour…so this is just part of my life

you know how they say that when you buy a boxed colour…you subconsciously think that you will look like the model once
you are done?
if that’s the case, i am going for a complete makeover tonight kids.  when i am done, i am going to be one hot asian lady!


what about all the other stuff???
tweezing, waxing, moisturizing…it really seems never ending.

and every single day, blow drying and straightening my hair…and then applying makeup…
now that’s time consuming.
and to further prove to you all that i am indeed crazy…
i am allergic to eye makeup.  yes…and i wear it Monday to Friday.
i think my eyes are beyond used to it by now.

on another note i am also allergic to the sun…and bees.  not deathly allergic mind you…but allergic enough
to wonder why the hell my nick name is bee..and why i love love love the sun.  things that make you go hmm.

anyways…i have strayed…again.

i was also going to mention mani’s and pedi’s but really
that’s not hard work….
that’s more like a reward for just being a girl.

i have given up lipstick though.
that’s gotta take off a good 5 seconds of my morning routine lol
i only wear that gunk if i am going out…i mean my lips look kissable without that stuff lol
(maybe i should get that out and ready for next weekend’s festivities!!!!)

so that’s my story
i always feel like i am doing some sort of maintenance…although i am sure you thought that i was just naturally this good lookin’ 😉

what are your “chores”?  what do you do to maintain the goddess that is you?

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bye bye fat pants

i refer to my fat pants often in this blog.
can i explain what they are?

they simply are pajama bottoms.
that’s it.
they are the pants that i lounge around the house in…and often sleep in at night.

the pants i regularly refer to were purchased specifically for my trip out west to visit my bff in 2009

they are just basic gray fuzzy pants with draw strings.
simple and baggy and comfortable…especially on a fat day.
back in 2009 i didn’t even need to tie them around my waist…they were just a perfect fit.

fast forward to Friday night…or i guess i should say early Saturday morning.
i awoke in the middle of the night…as i do every single night.
4am found me awake and stirring in bed.
i decided to get out of bed to grab a drink…since falling asleep right away was out of the question.

Now here’s a visual….if you become easily aroused please stop reading.

i crawled outta bed….with the most perfect bed head.
one eye open…and one eye completely shut…as this is my come hither look at 4 am.
anyways…i started to walk down the hallway…and after a few steps
my fat pants were around my ankles.

i bent over and grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them up
as i did not want to walk by my huge window bare assed for the world to see…
i grabbed a drink and headed back to bed…pants once again falling to my ankles
i stepped outta them and in to bed.
i made a mental note that my number one priority come Saturday was to purchase new “fat pants”
and then fell asleep.

and so, i have come here to announce that my fat pants have been retired
they will be put into a good will bag for someone else to enjoy

i sit here and type this in my brand spanking new smaller fat pants

candy striped pants, with a red spider man t-shirt
happier than a pig in shit
life is good.

a vision of beauty my friends…a vision of beauty..

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i have just spent the day at the beach.

my body is glistening from the sun…even tho it was over cast

i am glowing…i am sun kissed…i am in love

and i realize this has nothing to do with being healthy…maybe some may say tht i am not being healthy at all….

but i gotta tell you

i am in love with my life.  i have never felt so in love with everything.
it’s unfamiliar…this love…

this is my life…and someone should pinch me cause surely i am dreaming…

and j, it’s a fuckin’ savage tan. lol

i am currently sitting on a porch…watching the sun set…glowing from the outside in…taking it all in.  and there is much to take in.

feeling my skin tingling.

the day was overcast, however….i had about an hour of pure, intense one on one love from the sun

the sunlight blessing me.  it’s just what i needed.

and now i have just discovered a blackeberry app for wordpress….

this could be a shit load of trouble

tonight, i am just inlove.

that is all

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if the shoe fits…

it’s no secret i am a shoe whore.
i can admit it.
the only thing that separates me from the hard core shoe whores is money
i do have some self control.  some.
you know those pumas i bought a month ago…cause i had to have them and they were way outta my budget???  i wore them for half a day.  they started to give me blisters.  i have yet to try them on again.
I’ll also admit i own crocs.  yeah that’s right.  i hated crocs.  i mean they are fuuggggly….however one day i caved and tried them on…and it was a little orgasmic.  i ain’t gonna lie.  i couldn’t believe how comfortable they were!
however…i wear my crocs in the house…or walking my dog in the back field. i promise you, you won’t see me partying like a rock star with them on.
So…then i saw these.
Have you heard of them?  the sketchers shape ups???  Pretty ugly huh??  I thought so too.  But of course i was intrigued and tried them on.  Holy freaking comfortable…and they are actually kinda cute..in an ugly way.
these shoes apparently work your core, tone your butt and legs and help improve your posture.  i don’t know if that’s just a bunch of crap…but it intrigued me none the less.  you mean i can get a hard ass while walking and lose belly fat???  I’M IN!!!
Aha….but i have yet to buy those shoes.  one, they are way too expensive…and two, it’s summer.  I refuse to shove my beautifuly pedicured feet into socks and shoes.  i fight the cold weather as long as humanly possible…and usually give in around late november early december…you know…when it feels like my toes are gonna fall off.
I don’t even turbo jam with shoes on.  i just love being barefoot.  so the closest thing to being barefoot…is flip flops.
So imagine my complete and utter joy when elle bee gifted me with these yesterday!!!!
these are sketchers tone ups!  talk about encouraging me to go for more walks and get my exercise in!  thank you elle bee…you totally rock my socks (if i wore socks of course)
so yesterday i managed to fit in a work out and took my flip flops for a test walk late in the evening.  i gotta tell you…they are soooo comfortable!!!!
yay me!!!!
fall is on it’s way…and i still have those sketcher shape ups on my brain.  it could happen.
Do any of you have them?  do they work?  do you love them?
talk to me!
So this has been stuck in my head for days…go ahead…get your chair dance on!  click here

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i actually had to look back on my blog to figure out where i am time wise.  somehow i lost track of the days…the weeks.
i’ve been at this for 17 weeks…or to be more exact, 120 days.  Seems like forever doesn’t it?
As much as i was enjoying my personal pity party (not) i decided i had had enough of sitting around doing everything but what i should be doing.  i put in my first work out last night in almost 2 weeks and took the dog to the doggy park.  with my stomach bug and dealing with my feelings surrounding mamma, it was just easier to sit there and just be still (and that’s more than ok)
no more.  my belly bug is long gone…and there is nothing i can do to change what happened with mamma.  life is constant…and i’ve taken a long enough break from my reality.  back to gettin’ sexy 🙂
I was just thinking about my life these past 4 months. 
in this time, i have been so elated that i am sure i’ve looked like a dork walking around with a perma grin.  i’ve experienced so many firsts…which at my age is kinda impressive…that i have memories that will last me my whole life. Love, which is always present…i have experienced in different forms and different levels…and have been forever changed and blessed by that.  I have experienced horrible sadness where i questioned whether my tears would ever stop.  I have made new, wonderful, soul altering friendships…
i have lived.
just like i did before.
with all these extreme emotions floating around…i’ve noticed one constant.
if you’re happy…you need to celebrate…and usually there is nothing better than a feast to celebrate.
food to comfort you when you are sad.
food when you meet up with your wonderful friends.
which is all good.  i am very aware that food is a pretty important part of every day life.
i guess…what i am trying to get at is…temptation.
there will always be an emotion, or a celebration, or a get together, where temptation will be huge.  a trigger for foods that may not be the best for you.
i liken it to smoking…there are triggers everywhere…everywhere when you quit.  it’s all about handling them…adjusting and coping.
i mean…food is never going to go away.
it is what it is….so you just gotta deal with it
ohhh randomly me 🙂
tonight i have a coffee date…not a food date.
coffee, awesome conversation and love
what could be better than that??
Happy Tuesday kids!

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i had a purrfect weekend.
amazing actually.

Funny i say that…considering i was rather irritable at the start of it. lol

I allowed myself to feel tied down by rules, by the things i couldn’t do…as opposed to seeing all the things i could do.

the weekend presented itself to me…wide open with possibilities.  i was not tied down to any particular schedule…i could do what i wanted and when i wanted.  i could sleep in, or wake up early and take naps any time i wanted.
how perfect to not be on a constant schedule.  to just be.

it was almost liberating to be told to take it easy…to not over do anything.  i was given permission to just be.  i actually got to sit back and enjoy my weekend…without restraints.  restraints aren’t a good thing for me on a good day.

the weather was purrrfect in the city.  living literally minutes away from the water front…we took advantage of the weather…grabbed an iced coffee from Tim Hortons (which is now my most recent addiction btw) and sat by the water.  we watched the boats, the people…the ducks…and my favourite…the one legged goose.  At first i felt sorry for him, wondering what happened to him…and if he was in pain.  i wanted to take him home and make him mine.  But he showed me he was just fine and coping well…as he out swam the crew he was with.
the sun kissed me all over and reminded me how in love it was with me…and i glowed, and glowed and glowed.
I loved it so much…sitting by the water…feeling the breeze…we ended up going twice in one day.
we promised we would do this often…

i ate whatever i wanted…and everything i wanted fell in to my plan.  i had no desire to stray…no desire to feed my initial irritability.
i just “was”
and it was awesome.
and i am only talking about Saturday.  Sunday is a whole other post.

I ended the weekend…sitting on my balcony star gazing…thinking and writing….
and then cuddled with my most favourite feline companion.  Sitting there on the floor…getting lost in her purr…i was overcome with emotion…and i just went with it.
She hugged my face, gave me kisses….as if to assure me that everything is as it should be, and that you cannot stop the inevitable.
It was then that i realized…that even the most saddest, profound moments…can be the most beautiful…if you let them be.
beauty is measured in the moments…and the moment was heart wrenching and beautiful all in the same breath.
these moments are a rarity…and so i cherish them now…more than i ever did in the past 16 years.
even in my sadness, there is beauty all around me.
if you seek you shall find.

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