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summer lovin’

the problem with summer is that i dread being indoors.
when i am at work and look outside my window – i feel sad that i am trapped inside when there is a whole day out there that i could be enjoying.

as i was driving home yesterday, i was thinking about everything that i needed to do…and of course all of it was indoors.
(except for walking the puppy of course)

then i had a bit of a light bulb moment!

it was my gym day yesterday.  i was feeling uneasy about it as i was heading home.  going somewhere that would leave me stuck in doors when it was just so gorgeous outside!  i was itching like crazy to be outside!!!!!
the humidity finally died down and there was a beautiful breeze coming off of the lake.

soooooooo i said to myself…self – you just bought yourself a bike!
why do a half hour of cardio at the gym when you can get outdoors and work out???
i am so smart sometimes!!

and so i did just that.

i went out biking for well over an hour.
it was beautiful.

i went on the water front trails and discovered parts of my city i have never seen!!!
the water was bright blue/green and there were people everywhere on blankets enjoying the day.
i am so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

i almost wished i had my camera…but yesterdays adventure was more about getting a work out than stopping to smell the roses.

it was hard work – i won’t lie.  but it was good work…fun work.

i eventually got off of the trail because i was curious to see how far i had gone.
when i got on the main road and saw where i was i couldn’t believe it.
this bee can travel!!!!!

i could have kept going…in fact i almost did…
i had the energy.
but – i was so excited about how far i had gone i didn’t take in to consideration that i still had to get home.
so i turned around
thank god.

by the time i got home i was sore and exhausted – and sweaty and outta breath
it was AWESOME!

i discovered a lot of things – like i said…new parts of my city that i never even knew existed…
i discovered that it’s best to wear sunglasses and keep your mouth closed at ALL times lol – damn bugs!
and when a dragonfly is flying right at you and you are going at warp speed, it is in the best interest of all those involved to duck!!
and to my complete surprise…body parts that have never ever hurt before – were and are hurting.
parts that shouldn’t hurt
lets just say it is bike seat related

i had a great time.  it was a thousand times better than going to the gym.
the time flew by…and it really didn’t feel like exercise at all.

i will be doing this more often – take advantage of the wonderful weather while it’s here

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the day-cation is officially over.
funny how when you are having a great time… time passes so quickly!!!

it was a great weekend.
and it’s over
a very expensive weekend – but you only live once!
see my new stylin’ hat?  i know the picture sucks but look at my bee-utiful hat!!!!

it was such an American weekend lol

a few years ago they got rid of all of the Outback restaurants in Canada.
i was devastated.  i loved the Outback!!!!!!
so as we were driving to our hotel to check in – what do we pass?????
within walking distance!!!!

i don’t have to tell you where we ate
and i will not tell you what i ate (but i will show you something i ate lol)

i was soooo very bad…i have the headache today to show for it

it was an amazing weekend.  lots of walking, laughing, eating…and wine 🙂
it was purrrfect.
i am glad we got to walk around and take things in – burn off dinner…take in the view.

i’ve been there before…but each and every time i go, i see through new eyes.
i have amazing memories and not so amazing memories of that place
but each time i go…it just keeps getting better and better – this is one of the pictures from the hotel.  not a bad view huh?

For breakfast we went to IHOP
again, i didn’t think we had IHOP’s in Canada…so of course we just had to eat there
i had strawberry banana pancakes
i thought i died and went to heaven…and then so did my belly.  i could not eat all of it…tooooooo much!!

wow – by Sunday my poor belly looked like i was 4 months pregnant.  i wish it didn’t dislike carbs so much!!!!!

I have lots of pictures and videos…but none that i will share here..although i gotta say, the videos are so awesome that the whole world should witness them…especially me belting out adele –  rolling in the deep lol

i’ll save all that for the blog next door.

no gym for me tonight…no time – apparently the hotel i stayed at had an amazing gym -alas i did not see it!!!

this being an adult stuff is for the birds.  i just wanna play!!!!

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the dress

every girl has the dress…ok… and perhaps the odd gentleman lol

but ladies, you know what i’m talking about right?

that one dress that you would give your first born for.

ahhhh the dress.

my dress has been sitting in my closet…for over 5 years now.
it has survived every closet cleaning
because i don’t think i will ever be able to get rid of it...ever.

i remember the day i bought this dress…who i was with…the feeling it gave me when i slipped it on.
the hours i spent staring at it and was amazed that something so beautiful…made me feel even more beautiful…so very feminine.

i was able to wear this dress twice…a few months apart, for 2 different events.
then the dress was never to be worn again….
the joys of getting fat.

it’s beautiful.  the softest material i ever felt against my skin.  it is black, long…with a train at the back..spaghetti straps…and just completely sexy and very form fitting.
it shows off every curve my body owns…and for some reason it actually makes my breasts look huge!!
it is just beautiful.

i have a black tie affair to go to this evening.  i emailed the person hosting this cancer charity event to get clarification on the dress code.  his response was…whatever makes you feel fabulous.
so i thought…awesome!  fat pants it is!!!!

i took the dress out of the closet…grabbed the strapless bra…and did something that could go either way.
either the dress would fit and i would go insane with joy…
or it wouldn’t fit and i would sit in the corner and cry.

it fit kids.
and it made me feel fabulous.

i ran laps around my house screeching like a little girl…woke the puppy from a dead sleep…

i have pics but i am not sharing them today.  the pics were taken when i had no make up on and was extremely stressed to the max about my mom
the dress looks fabulous…but i do not.

if i get any from this awesome charity event…i may just post.

cheers to the sexy black dress that every woman must have!!

on to completely unrelated news…but of course…

i heard this song (thank YOU for posting this on my facebook) and of course i got all weepy. Sara Bareilles has that power over me.

she did a cover of Yellow by Coldplay.  Click here to listen and love.

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snap crackle pop

i have a secret to tell you.

lean in



I am not as limber as i used to be.
it’s true.

if you’re over 30, i want you to try something for me.
humour me for a second.

next time you are in a wide open space, like perhaps an empty office hallway…
do a cart wheel.
(not that i would ever consider doing something like that at work)


you can’t can you???

I have tried.  I have stood there trying to get my nerve up to actually do a cartwheel, arms up in the air…ready to fly… and i just stand there frozen.

try. i dare you.

I’ve asked other people about this…and they all share this feeling.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing.  i don’t know if it’s a fear of breaking a hip thing.  i don’t know what it is, but i just can’t do it.

When i was a child, i remember sitting with relatives at family gatherings….and when my godmother or aunt etc stood up…they would grunt and groan, things would crack, they would grab their lower back and have a pained look on their face.
i knew…the day i started doing that… i was old.
kids, i’ve been doing that for years!

I wake up in the morning and i sound like a bowl of rice crispies…snap crackle POP!

Sure I’m not as limber anymore…even tho i am double jointed 🙂
my favourite position to sit in is cross legged – Indian style.  As a matter of fact…that’s how i am sitting right now.
not too shabby ehh?

When i do my ab routine, all you hear for 20 minutes are various parts of my body cracking….and it actually makes me giggle.
There have been a few times when i am doing my cardio and a kick makes my hip pop…and i mean loudly.

it’s all good.  i accept it.

my body still works wonderfully.  I can do anything…anything at all.
except cartwheels of course.

the point is, i can’t expect to be 17 years old anymore.  believe me, my boobs wish they were.

my body is beautiful.  every stretch mark, every crack, every ache and imperfection.
it is perfectly me.

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