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yup, that’s what i did this weekend
i indulged.
i had an awesomely amazing weekend!!!
it was busy busy but fun!
we spent a day at the beach and i got completely sunkissed…from head to toe.
it was beautiful out there….
and so after a day of sun and swimming and good company….i was starved.
i had onion rings.
we went to one of elle bee’s bars on Saturday and met up with some of my yummy friends.
i decided to have a couple of Ceasars…and man oh man they were yummy.  i haven’t had a Ceasar since last year…totally unacceptable!
i also managed to nibble a bite or two of pizza at the end of the night 🙂
hardly anything worth beating myself up over…
but it was totally off plan.
woke up the next morning and did it allllll over again.
spent the day with yummy people…had a couple of not so low carb beers and a yummy dinner.
lots of laughing, love and sun.
and so it’s back to the same ol’ same ol’ today….and i am good with that.
i am not going to be a food nazi anymore….
if i choose to have a couple of things that are off plan once and a while…i am going to enjoy them rather than feel guilty.
isn’t that what life’s all about anyways?  enjoying??
man what a summer.  say it ain’t over!

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bbq anyone?

one of the best things about summer is…it’s bbq season.
do you find that a bbq is the centre of any social gathering?
it’s like someone mentions bbq…and you are in!!
“wanna have a bbq?  wanna invite so and so?  wanna bring the bbq to the beach and make a day of it?”  awesome!!
good friends, good food, good times!
there’s nothing better for this low carbin’ meat eatin’ steak lovin’ gal.  how i was ever a vegetarian i will never know.
but bbq season in my life is all year round.  thankfully everyone in my life loves to bbq.
we bbq throughout the seasons.  by “we”, i mean everyone else but me.  i don’t go anywhere near a bbq.  i will eat the food…but alas…i will never cook it.
there is something very scary about living 11 stories high and lighting that baby up.  all i can picture is bits o’ bee all over the lobby.  nice ehh?
it’s best to leave elle bee to the bbq’ing…and thankfully my friends and family love to bbq too.
so it works out for everyone.  they get to do something they enjoy, and so do i. EAT!
a nice steak and veggies on the grill…and a cold beer…and well…you pretty much own my heart.

so imagine how excited i got when my friend purchased a disposable bbq for our trip to the beach!!!  and all for the low low price of 5 bucks.  i guess that should have concerned me…but it didn’t.  a one use bbq for 5 bucks sounds fair.  bring on the burgers and sausages baby!!

So after a day of swimming and lazing in the sun getting sun kissed…our appetites were fierce.  time to start the barbie baby.
oy vay.
what a nightmare that was.  you would think it would be easy…but the damn thing refused to light up.  we tried…i would guess for an hour to get the coals going…finally giving in and asking the people who were bbq’ing tandoori shishkabobs beside us for some lighter fluid (and a skewer please lol)
finally we had it going…burgers were on.  but were they cooking is the question!!  about another hour later we felt it was safe enough to eat them.
they were….disgusting. lol.  it was like eating a charcoal…and don’t even get me started on the sand that blew on to them.  i had sand in my mouth 2 days later.
the sausages had to be better.  so they are cooking…(or are they)…lol…and they don’t seem any different.
cause the coals died.  bbq over.  sausages trashed.  bellies so grossed out they really aren’t that hungry anymore.
disposable bbq.  not so hot.

for 5 bucks you can get this:

or for 5 bucks you can get these:

i think the 2nd option worked out much better 🙂

anyways…another bbq this weekend.
on a real bbq
far far away
at a cottage
on the water
my freshly manicured toes and bikini in tow
seriously.  this is my life.
2010 is turning out to be the best.summer.ever

play nice kids

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