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tis the season!

i found that being a little “free” with what i eat on the weekends
works well for me.
i allow myself to eat things i generally do not…and it seems to take huge cravings away.

so my big cheat this weekend..(after a kick ass work out might i add) was a chicken sub on a whole grain bread
wow – big cheat ehh? lol
i can’t even cheat right.

it was good and hit the spot and really did not make me feel guilty for straying.

but a couple of hours later???

i was not feeling well at all.
i felt sooooo unwell…and there was that reminder why i eat the way i eat.

and you know what’s worse?
as i was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself…i was hungry!!!

that never happens when i am low carbing.

last night i could have eaten myself out of house and home.

lesson temporarily learned 🙂

have you looked outside?  opened the window?
it’s spring out there today!  woohoo!
you know what that means???
oops sorry for yelling lol

Spring/summer – my favourite time of year
and also the best time for all your low carb favourites grilled on the barbie.

Sub?  meh, bring on my BBQ’d steak any day baby!

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replenishing my spirit

this weekend was not about carb counting, cardio workouts and power walking….

this weekend was about:

~ late night bbq with the people i love the mostest

~ coffee and cheesecake and awesome conversation

~ early morning road trip with one of my bff’s

~ singing in the car at the top of my lungs

~ laughing till i cried

~ mid day naps

~ late night timmies run

~ throwing on comfies and watching movies on the couch

~ lazy sunday morning

~ walking the dog

~ reading more of the book that is soooooo hard to put down!

~ writing

~ iced coffees

~ chai tea

~ quiet stillness

~ good eatin’

~ relaxing

~ love

it was a perfect weekend.  one where i didn’t have to worry about when i would fit in a work out, or when i would find time to fit in an hour and a half walk.
this weekend i just “was”.  i was tired from the crazy week i had…and so i took it easy…
loving every moment of just bee-ing

i am rejuvenated, awake, energetic and happy.  i am ready to kick this weeks ass.
back to cardio madness tonight!

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live your life

sometimes you have to take a break from the every day.  a break from counting.
counting calories, fat grams, carb intake, sodium levels etc.
you know…the obsession that can become your life.

sometimes you just have to “be”.
I’ve realized this summer, that the times i am just “being” are my most productive…health, sanity and weight loss wise.

when you are not thinking and just being…you have the whole world in front of you.  waiting for you to discover it.

think about it.

get away.  get away from your every day.  remove yourself from the stress that has become your life.  be it one day…a weekend, or a week.

how amazing is it to do the things that bring you joy…and benefit from it too?


waking up…and putting on your bathing suit before your eyes are even open…throwing your hair back and bouncing down the stairs…excited to greet the faces waiting for you.
finding a silly poem, by your morning coffee…that throws you into uncontrollable laughter…and you read it over and over throughout the day…tuck it away somewhere safe because this is something that could never be thrown away…pull it out one more time and laugh some more.
i would take 10 minutes of belly laughter than 20 min of my turbo jam ab workout any day.

walking down to the dock and jumping into the water (ok ok, walking ever so slowly into the water, screaming like a girl cause it’s so cold)…swimming and laughing and channeling your inner child..playing.  when’s the last time you played?
out of breath and exhausted.  exhilarated and content.  hours later….still swimming…still loving and laughing.

there is nothing better than exercising and not realizing that you are exercising!

finally able to remove yourself from the water…gather together for the most amazing…delicious bbq ever
i think it’s the company you keep…the environment…the remnants of the day…that makes it amazing.
without thinking, i ate a meal of champions…and all on plan.

even the still moments.  sitting on the deck.  talking and laughing.
reconnecting and rediscovering.  imagine what that does for you…for your state of mind…for your soul.
quiet silences…crazy laughter.
there is no way that life could get better than this very second.
removing the stress…do you know what that does for your body?

early nights…even earlier mornings.  fresh air, catching up on books…group puzzles…peace.
no desire for the computer or phone.  just the company i keep and the silence and silliness behind it.
i even made a deal with the mosquitoes.  do not bite me and i do not kill you.
not one bite.
falling in love…friendships…newness…familiarity…2nd chances.
just freakin pinch me already.

and you wake up in the morning and do it all over again.
and only slightly notice the soreness in your muscles…because for certain
you blessed your body more in one day than you have in months
by playing, by being.  by doing.
by not being bound by the feeling of “having to”  but by just “wanting to”

i am back home now…back to the same old routine.  for sure the stress will creep into me before morning breaks.
but i will try to remember to play more often…to just be….

of course…being in the presence of a 14 year old one eyed dog…(who i swear is my canine equivalent) is a once in a lifetime experience…but i’ve always got the memories 🙂

oh and don’t forget….there’s nothing like a little vitamin D to make you feel like you can conquer the world.
here i am setting an example.

i’ve got alot to say about my weekend…and my discoveries…and my realizations.
i’ll be posting all that on my personal blog…come on over if you are interested 🙂

you only have one life.  live it.

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bbq anyone?

one of the best things about summer is…it’s bbq season.
do you find that a bbq is the centre of any social gathering?
it’s like someone mentions bbq…and you are in!!
“wanna have a bbq?  wanna invite so and so?  wanna bring the bbq to the beach and make a day of it?”  awesome!!
good friends, good food, good times!
there’s nothing better for this low carbin’ meat eatin’ steak lovin’ gal.  how i was ever a vegetarian i will never know.
but bbq season in my life is all year round.  thankfully everyone in my life loves to bbq.
we bbq throughout the seasons.  by “we”, i mean everyone else but me.  i don’t go anywhere near a bbq.  i will eat the food…but alas…i will never cook it.
there is something very scary about living 11 stories high and lighting that baby up.  all i can picture is bits o’ bee all over the lobby.  nice ehh?
it’s best to leave elle bee to the bbq’ing…and thankfully my friends and family love to bbq too.
so it works out for everyone.  they get to do something they enjoy, and so do i. EAT!
a nice steak and veggies on the grill…and a cold beer…and well…you pretty much own my heart.

so imagine how excited i got when my friend purchased a disposable bbq for our trip to the beach!!!  and all for the low low price of 5 bucks.  i guess that should have concerned me…but it didn’t.  a one use bbq for 5 bucks sounds fair.  bring on the burgers and sausages baby!!

So after a day of swimming and lazing in the sun getting sun kissed…our appetites were fierce.  time to start the barbie baby.
oy vay.
what a nightmare that was.  you would think it would be easy…but the damn thing refused to light up.  we tried…i would guess for an hour to get the coals going…finally giving in and asking the people who were bbq’ing tandoori shishkabobs beside us for some lighter fluid (and a skewer please lol)
finally we had it going…burgers were on.  but were they cooking is the question!!  about another hour later we felt it was safe enough to eat them.
they were….disgusting. lol.  it was like eating a charcoal…and don’t even get me started on the sand that blew on to them.  i had sand in my mouth 2 days later.
the sausages had to be better.  so they are cooking…(or are they)…lol…and they don’t seem any different.
cause the coals died.  bbq over.  sausages trashed.  bellies so grossed out they really aren’t that hungry anymore.
disposable bbq.  not so hot.

for 5 bucks you can get this:

or for 5 bucks you can get these:

i think the 2nd option worked out much better 🙂

anyways…another bbq this weekend.
on a real bbq
far far away
at a cottage
on the water
my freshly manicured toes and bikini in tow
seriously.  this is my life.
2010 is turning out to be the best.summer.ever

play nice kids

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