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7 days

7 days.
1 week.

that is how long i took off of the gym.

i’ve been back into my routine this week…2 days at the gym…and i swear i can barely move.
how is that possible???
I am a tough, strong, non-complaining kick ass bee….so why???!

how can i lose so much stamina and why do i hurt so bad after being away for only 1 week??


i promised myself while i was sweating my butt off that i would never ever take a week off of the gym again – unless i was dead.
dead is a good excuse to not work out right?

but with my vacation fast approaching…i may give myself permission to not go…i mean…it’s vacation….i will be too busy lounging in the sun, drinking beer, sleeping in lol

so i guess i am willing to go through this pain again.

i’m just surprised…that’s all…cause as i said…i am a super tough bee! lol

I’ve been meaning to post this song forever – but keep forgetting.  hope you like as much as i do!
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careful what you wish for

i’ve been begging for some down time.
lately i just feel like my whole life has been go go go.
don’t get me wrong, i actually enjoy being busy.

i’ve actually noticed that when i do have some down time
my legs are antsy and want to move.
amazing how things change when physical activity becomes one of the top priorities in your life.

but i am only human, and as hard as it was to admit
i really needed a break.
a break from everything.  i just wanted permission to be lazy, to catch up on my sleep and not worry about anything.

be careful what you wish for.

i guess all those feelings and thoughts i had…the universe heard loud and clear…
and she knocked me on my ass.

she could have picked a kinder way, but i guess this was the only way she could ensure i would get exactly what i needed.

I got a really bad stomach bug/flu over the weekend.
really bad.
i remember bowing down to the porcelain god, begging to die.
no joke.

8 hours of being really really sick…and about 24 hours of almost straight sleep…
how much more rest could one ask for?
not exactly what i was looking for.

it sucks being sick on your own.
sure my furbabies were really concerned about me – it was quite cute actually
one of my cats would watch over me while i was getting sick and try to hug me
the other ones cuddled right in to me while i was trying to sleep it off.

really sweet…however none of them got me a cold cloth or water.
in fact…i still had to walk the puppy.
that was fun.
i didn’t think i’d make it…and if anyone was watching me i wonder if they thought i was wasted.

i took sit down breaks while walking her…i was walking as if i drank a little too much
the best part was the elevator ride up.
sometimes the elevator decides to skip my floor and go all the way back to the first.
there are cameras on my elevator – and so i am sure my super was entertained by the mini breakdown i was having.
i just needed to get home…to my make shift bed in the bathroom.

i am feeling better.  meaning i haven’t eaten anything with substance in about 24 hours…so i haven’t been sick
but i feel like i’ve been run over by a dump truck.  over and over and over.
on the plus side…i am sure i lost a pound or 5 lol.

there will be no gym tonight – not tomorrow either at this point.
my body already feels like it had a serious work out.

so i am guessing i am getting all the rest i could possibly need.

thanks universe.  you rock.

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i cannot remember the last time i had a day “off”

meaning i always have something to do.  the gym takes up most of my week days…and the days i don’t do the gym…i catch up on my womanly duties lol

really it’s been months since i have had one day or night responsibility free (the puppy walking doesn’t count – besides she’s cute)

So i have been sitting here debating in my head whether or not i should just skip the gym tonight.

just take a me night.

go home, walk the puppy, take a nap…order thai and spoil myself.

so as soon as i decided there was no need to rush and get home and get to the gym…

i got really really tired
and i am nursing a little headache…
my eyes are barely open.

It seems as soon as i gave my body permission to chill right out – it listened…and it is.

I just find it so interesting!!

I have a crazy busy weekend…birthday party, water fun…trying on dresses 🙂

weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  fun fun weekend!!!  enjoy!

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hard things

I am sure you noticed a theme to my blog this week lol

i have a bit of a quote addiction…they keep coming to me, and speaking to me and so in turn i want to share them with as many people as i can.

Such a simple statement and yet so very true.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  enjoy the weather!!!

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so i already knew what i was gonna post tomorrow.

like i said a couple of posts ago…i am getting alot of quotes coming my way.

there was one that spoke to me but i didn’t want to overwhelm you guys so i thought i’d post them one at a time.

tonight i was checking email and facebook…and one of my groups – Couch to 5k posted the exact quote i’ve been holding on to for days.
so i thought i wouldn’t wait until the morning and share it with you now.

creepy the way things happen…the way the universe speaks to you.

good night friends 🙂

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summer lovin’

the problem with summer is that i dread being indoors.
when i am at work and look outside my window – i feel sad that i am trapped inside when there is a whole day out there that i could be enjoying.

as i was driving home yesterday, i was thinking about everything that i needed to do…and of course all of it was indoors.
(except for walking the puppy of course)

then i had a bit of a light bulb moment!

it was my gym day yesterday.  i was feeling uneasy about it as i was heading home.  going somewhere that would leave me stuck in doors when it was just so gorgeous outside!  i was itching like crazy to be outside!!!!!
the humidity finally died down and there was a beautiful breeze coming off of the lake.

soooooooo i said to myself…self – you just bought yourself a bike!
why do a half hour of cardio at the gym when you can get outdoors and work out???
i am so smart sometimes!!

and so i did just that.

i went out biking for well over an hour.
it was beautiful.

i went on the water front trails and discovered parts of my city i have never seen!!!
the water was bright blue/green and there were people everywhere on blankets enjoying the day.
i am so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

i almost wished i had my camera…but yesterdays adventure was more about getting a work out than stopping to smell the roses.

it was hard work – i won’t lie.  but it was good work…fun work.

i eventually got off of the trail because i was curious to see how far i had gone.
when i got on the main road and saw where i was i couldn’t believe it.
this bee can travel!!!!!

i could have kept going…in fact i almost did…
i had the energy.
but – i was so excited about how far i had gone i didn’t take in to consideration that i still had to get home.
so i turned around
thank god.

by the time i got home i was sore and exhausted – and sweaty and outta breath
it was AWESOME!

i discovered a lot of things – like i said…new parts of my city that i never even knew existed…
i discovered that it’s best to wear sunglasses and keep your mouth closed at ALL times lol – damn bugs!
and when a dragonfly is flying right at you and you are going at warp speed, it is in the best interest of all those involved to duck!!
and to my complete surprise…body parts that have never ever hurt before – were and are hurting.
parts that shouldn’t hurt
lets just say it is bike seat related

i had a great time.  it was a thousand times better than going to the gym.
the time flew by…and it really didn’t feel like exercise at all.

i will be doing this more often – take advantage of the wonderful weather while it’s here

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can’t help myself

it seems like all these motivational/inspirational quotes keep finding me lately.

they keep speaking to me…and i can’t help but to listen to them loud and clear.

If you read my blog, you know about the intimate love affair I have going on with the Universe.  she loves me dearly.  i cannot help but think that she is sending me these messages…

they couldn’t have come at a better time…and i am listening.  boy am i ever listening.

I hope this inspires you too.

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go now and live

i am a lover of words.  there is something beautiful about grabbing words out of your head and putting them on paper – stringing them together to make the most beautiful sounds.
carefully thought out, or even no thought at all…throwing words together can evoke such intense emotion inside.
i love stringing words together…creating, revealing, discovering.
words are a powerful force.
they can make you think, make you weep, make you smile…teach you something about yourself that you never knew existed.

i am a lover of words.  inspired by my own and others.  i would surely die if i could not write or be inspired by someone else’s words.

today this is my inspiration.  this makes me want to be the best bee i can be today.
i will think about these words while i am kicking ass on the elliptical today…and they will give me the energy to move past the “i can’t do it anymore”
amazing what words can do.
i hope this inspires you – even in the smallest way.

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zero coke zero

yup, there i am enjoying a nice cool coke zero lol
damn i’m beautiful!!! 🙂

anyways…8 days ago i decided it was time to give up my addiction to coke zero
i was terrified!!!!
i drank coke zero every single night…probably for the past 4-5 years of my life.
if the case was half done, i swear i went into panic mode.
i could not be without it.

So i had been playing with the idea of cutting out the diet pop – aspartame actually
for a long while.  then a fellow blogger posted something about aspartame and my mind was made up immediately.
it seemed like perfect timing – like a sign.

So last Sunday there was one can of pop in the fridge.  i didn’t even flinch.

it’s been 8 days since i have consumed a diet pop.
and you know what?  i don’t miss it AT ALL, i don’t crave it, i don’t even think about it.
who knew it would be that easy???

i don’t notice any difference if you want the truth…no increase in energy, or no change in my well being – not that i notice anyways.
i am drinking way more water which is a good thing…but man am i ever peeing a lot lol

I gotta say…i am happy to be rid of the pop in the house.
i am perfectly fine with water.

bye bye coke zero.  i don’t even miss you!!

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