i’ve been on track for 4 weeks

four weeks clean eating, and 4 weeks of workouts

can’t tell you if i’ve lost anything as i don’t use a scale
and i never took pictures or measured inches

this is not why i am doing this

well i mean ya – losing weight would be awesome
but it’s lower on the goal list

i feel better

i love when my fit bit goes crazy after i’ve hit a daily goal

i love sweating my stress away
and my clothes feel looser

so i bit the bullet
and got rid of my “small clothes”

for years i have held on to them – thinking that i will get back into them

the reality of it all is…
my body has changed – and i feel like it’s an unrealistic goal

so i got rid of all my size zero pants and xtra small tops
(i can’t believe how tiny i was!!!!)

if by chance i do end up all tiny like that again
at least i have an excuse to go shopping!

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