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shakin’ mah groove thang

well, back in the summer i wrote about buying a trampoline and a hula hoop
i am afraid to go back to see exactly when i wrote that blog…considering we are pretty much half way through November…
and i just took the trampoline out of my car….last week.
yes – true story. you can’t get any lazier than that i’m afraid.
the box assured me that assembly would be easy. and so i trusted the box
damn box.
i laid everything out – oh so pretty like – see?
the first instruction seemed pretty simple.
put all 5 brackets together to make the frame of the trampoline
then it said to push down on the two gaps until you heard them snap into place
umm – what?
where do i find gaps in a full circle? there are no gaps.
i wrestled with that bloody thing for about an hour. broke out into a sweat even.
i decided that before i started throwing the parts across the room – i should put them away.
so i packed them all back into the box – knowing that i did have the best intentions.
boo – another item in my home that i will never use.
until i came up with the most brilliant idea.
i was visiting friends over the weekend. handy friends actually.
why not take it over there and see if we can all put it together!
so my friend takes it out of the box – tosses the instructions aside…
and gets going.
in about half an hour – my trampoline is ready.
seriously…i am not that girly. i can put stuff together.
but obviously a trampoline – i cannot.
so i am ready to bounce my ass off – literally.
thanks to my awesome friend for putting it together!!!!!!!
and as for the hula hoop? i still can’t do it.
doesn’t seem to want to circle my hips
damn hula hoop – i will win one day!!!
maybe one day.
lol – yeah ok…
the hula’s kicked my ass – who am i kidding

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finding myself

umm hi
remember me?

i have a blog – you know – about health and weight loss

let me tell you something.

i’ve been lost.
so very lost

i haven’t seen the inside of the gym since last February, although i see it every single day from the outside.

i’ve had good intentions.  honestly.

but truth be told…i’ve been bummed out.

alot has happened…and i let negativity get the best of me.

i’ve been through some serious life changes.  lost some people that meant the world to me.
so i decided…not to care.
it wasn’t a conscious decision.
i think it was…
i just couldn’t move.

it was easier to sit on my couch and feel badly.
because it almost felt wrong feeling good.

i’ve maintained pretty well considering.

obviously i’ve gained some weight – and i feel so sluggish and blah it’s unbelievable.
but i still fit into my clothes.

let me tell you something.  just because you fit into your clothes – doesn’t mean you should be wearing them.

it’s an all consuming thing…this thing that i am living through.
i hate feeling poorly…and yet i contribute to it daily.

i forget sometimes that i have people in my life that love me unconditionally…just the way i am.

how is it that i let those that love me with conditions affect me more than those that love for exactly who i am?


it’s true…my time is limited.  i don’t know where i could possibly fit in the gym these days.
and so it’s easier to just sit here
and feel badly about it.

i have motivation – somewhere in there

i’ve got all the work out dvd’s i could ever want.

and i have good intentions…and a gym right next door.

i’ve let this thing hurt me more than it should.

i’m actually letting it win – by not doing anything about it.

it is what it is…and it’s not going to change.
it’s a new chapter in my life i gotta get used to living.

it’s just hard when people you love – stop loving you.
it changes you.

besides, wordpress renewed my domain without giving me any notice…so i have a year to fill this space up.
so sadly – you are stuck with me.

truth is…i want me back
i want to feel comfortable in my skin again

i want to feel healthy and energetic…and ok.

i’ve let all this crap affect me for way too long – that i can’t use it as an excuse anymore.

i just need help.

just wanted to come here to let you all know – that i am on my way
i am coming back…

if i don’t – evil wins

and i am better than that

better than them.

help me find my mojo?


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