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it seemed like a good idea at the time

i always come up with the greatest ideas.

i heard it from someone, who heard it from someone, who heard it from someones best friends cousins husbands father…

that hula hoops were a good tool for weight loss.

so i googled it – and google said, “why yes bee, this is true”
so if google said so…well it had to be true!!!

so i thought – damn!  i used to be an amazing hula hooping kinda girl when i was like 12…
and i kick everyone’s ass on my wii virtual hula hoop
why don’t i just go buy myself a real hula hoop???

so off i went to walmart and voila – a hula hoop was purchased.

i so totally believed i would look like this:

i am woman enough to admit – that i don’t look anything like this.
not even close.
ask LB…when she gets off the floor…and stops laughing

anyways…i am lucky if i can get that thing to spin around my hips 3 times
i don’t look sexy, or at ease.
i look constipated…
i look like a middle aged woman having a seizure.

that hula hoop challenge on the wii gave me a false sense of super-stardom

i used to be good.
now not so much.

i have resorted to watching “how to” videos on youtube.

and i gotta say – no matter which way you slice it…bee’s got no rhythm.

i am not gonna give up.  i mean even failing at it has made me break out in a sweat…so that can’t be a bad thing.
man – where is the 12 year old me to teach me a move or 2?
meh – best she stay away – i’d hate to break a hip.

also – in my quest to find the hula hoop – i found me a trampoline.
yes – i bought myself a trampoline.
cause google said it was a kick ass work out.

it is currently in my trunk – in a million pieces.  the box says “some assembly required”

i am not too good with putting things together.  not too sure how much faith i have in myself putting that together.

i mean, this is something i will be jumping on.

it’s bad enough i see clearly how bad of an idea it is to own a trampoline when you are as accident prone as i am…
but what if i don’t put that together correctly???

how do i explain that to the doctor’s at emerg???

maybe when LB can catch her breath and get up off the floor – i’ll ask her to help me.

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