a little bit of sunshine

is amazing for the soul.

i had some family come stay with me this weekend
there is nothing like waking up to a smiling baby…happy and content with the world.
simply heaven.

i don’t have alot to say…

i am just settling down from a lovely weekend.
so much baby love – i think my uterus is going to explode!
the biological clock sounds louder and louder every time i get my baby lovin’ fix.

it’s great being an auntie.  amazingly awesome.
but i can’t help but wonder how much more amazing being a mother would be.
(i am sure i’ll get over it in a couple of days lol)

today – we had our first real taste of spring.  16 degrees (61F for my american peeps)

we decided to go for a long walk by the lake (awesome exercise)

it’s amazing how a little bit of sunshine can lift your spirits
it seems everyone was out enjoying the day, smiles painted on their faces
as if we all had discovered some big, unspoken secret.

it’s no secret.

spring is in the air.

and who isn’t in love with spring?

the cold is over, everything is coming to life….
the sun rediscovering your pale white skin.

there’s no secret.

a little bit of sunshine…amazing for a weary soul.

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