just the way my life goes

i had a horrible day yesterday.  i am not even going to get into the why’s – it was just horrible.
i was in a terrible mood for the whole day – and of course could not fall asleep at a decent hour – my mind was just a-goin’

i woke up late this morning – but in a much better mood
and i mean much better.  i didn’t feel like ripping anyone’s face off – so that was an improvement.

i am driving to work, listening to my music – in a great mood.
i put my car into fifth gear – and it does something.  i say “something” because i am not quite sure what exactly it did.
it was almost as if 5th gear didn’t register – as if i was floating for not even 2 seconds.
it was very quick – but it was noticeable.
as soon as it went back to “normal” the check engine light came on.

the next 25 minutes was a ride full of anxiety – i was never happier to be parked at work.

i spent the rest of the day feeling anxious and nervous – would the car be ok to get me home?
thank god i was incredibly busy – so that kept my mind half occupied for the day.

i drove home tonight.  nothing like driving for 35-40 minutes white knuckling it all the way…heart in my throat
i stopped at home to unload my car and grab my puppy – and off we went to drop the car to the mechanic.

i will be without car tomorrow so i will be working from home – praying to the car gods that this won’t cost me alot of money

the pup and i did have a wonderful walk home though – and i guess that will be all the exercise i will be getting today.
my sick car forced me to make a change of plans – and so the gym will have to wait until tomorrow.

oh and did i mention that as of the end of next month i have completely paid off my car???

of course life would work that way.  i expect nothing less.

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5 thoughts on “just the way my life goes

  1. lunachyq

    My car does this weird thing when I first start it and put in in drive…. there is a hesitation and a “thunk” and it goes into gear. It’s intermittent so I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. So I’ve been driving it like that for years. Did I mention the check engine light has been on for years, too? 😉 Maybe the news won’t be as bad as you think. Crossing my fingers for you!

    1. losing bee Post author

      lol j, you got balls!!! i could never ever do that. i am sure you are right – everything is fine…i am just looking for peace of mind. i can’t imagine driving that car thinking up worst case scenarios lol.
      i called my dad since he used to be a mechanic and he told me not to worry too much. he actually drove a car to Florida and back with the check engine light on.
      i could never!

      1. lunachyq

        I’m never a worst case scenario kind of gal. I change my oil, fix tires that need fixing, replace my brakes every few years. The car runs and has run for years with the light on so why sweat the small stuff? Which is pretty much how I live my life on a daily basis 😉

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