Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

just the way my life goes

i had a horrible day yesterday.  i am not even going to get into the why’s – it was just horrible.
i was in a terrible mood for the whole day – and of course could not fall asleep at a decent hour – my mind was just a-goin’

i woke up late this morning – but in a much better mood
and i mean much better.  i didn’t feel like ripping anyone’s face off – so that was an improvement.

i am driving to work, listening to my music – in a great mood.
i put my car into fifth gear – and it does something.  i say “something” because i am not quite sure what exactly it did.
it was almost as if 5th gear didn’t register – as if i was floating for not even 2 seconds.
it was very quick – but it was noticeable.
as soon as it went back to “normal” the check engine light came on.

the next 25 minutes was a ride full of anxiety – i was never happier to be parked at work.

i spent the rest of the day feeling anxious and nervous – would the car be ok to get me home?
thank god i was incredibly busy – so that kept my mind half occupied for the day.

i drove home tonight.  nothing like driving for 35-40 minutes white knuckling it all the way…heart in my throat
i stopped at home to unload my car and grab my puppy – and off we went to drop the car to the mechanic.

i will be without car tomorrow so i will be working from home – praying to the car gods that this won’t cost me alot of money

the pup and i did have a wonderful walk home though – and i guess that will be all the exercise i will be getting today.
my sick car forced me to make a change of plans – and so the gym will have to wait until tomorrow.

oh and did i mention that as of the end of next month i have completely paid off my car???

of course life would work that way.  i expect nothing less.

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