i still rock

i survived my first day – it’s a miracle!

i was crazy busy at work, but that’s to be expected after having a 3 week vacation.  it was nice to reconnect with my friends – although the cookie monster was off sick today.  boo.

as for my diet – easy breezy. it’s much easier to stick to plan when i am at work.  i have so many choices that i don’t feel the need to eat something off plan – although it’s tempting when it’s stir fry day 🙂

i hit my wall extremely early today – like around 1:30.  i could hear my bed calling my name.
but i made it.  i was so very busy the day just flew by.

yes, in case you are wondering – i made it to the gym.  there was no way i was passing that up.  it was crystal clear to me this morning as i was getting dressed that i could not afford to miss another day.
my pants are a little snug in the butt…yeah i still fit in them but oh boy are they a tight fit lol.
talk about motivation!

it was a tough one.  i mean it felt great, but i only managed 35 minutes of cardio.  i was aiming for 45.  that’s ok…it’s better not to push it the first day.

i am off to get my head read tomorrow night.  no not a shrink…but i have my MRI in the evening.  i filled my prescription for my Ativan and am just getting ready to give it a test run (highly encouraged by my doctor..not just for a fun night!)

while i was off work, i didn’t have a headache every day…so i think the solution to all of this is to just quit my job and live on love.  next step is to get my peepers checked.

anyways, that’s my update.  i had a super productive day – and survived day 1.

why?  cause i totally rock!

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