2am rambles

i am on vacation.  yes, that’s awesome for so many reasons…but let me tell you why it isn’t

it didn’t take me long to revert back to my old behaviour…or should i say my natural state.

i am by nature a night owl.  it’s almost 2:00am and i am wide awake.  the whole house is asleep…so i sit here quiet as a mouse not wanting to disturb anyone.

i love being awake in the early morning hours.  if you know me – you know why.
these are my hours…and my day job takes this joy away from me.


this adult thing is really pissing me off.

i am sitting here wide awake – almost 2am.  i am trying to talk myself in to going to bed…but like a child i fight it.
but i should.

because around 6:30am my puppy’s bladder is going to wake me up and demand i take her out.
it’s not her fault – it’s how my day job trained her.

i will grunt and moan and be angry – but i still gotta do it.

what else sucks?  after i walk her i will gladly lay down in bed again with a smile on my face.
why?  cause i get to go back to sleep.
but you know what’s gonna happen?

i am going to feel guilty.
yup, feel guilty for not getting up at a god awful hour to be productive.
i just can’t shake that feeling and i blame adulthood.

so i am going to be up early tomorrow – and do the things that need to be done.

but then i get to take an afternoon nap. weeeeeee!

hell i may even go kick some serious karaoke ass tomorrow night.  why?
cause i can!

oy, i guess i should get to bed…but i don’t wanna!!!!

g’nite all 🙂

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4 thoughts on “2am rambles

  1. Maxine's Daughter

    Oh, Bee – you did it again… tapped into one of my guilty pleasures or curses depending on how you look at things…it’s an imprint from my days of waking up to check on my mom in the middle of the night… I love the hours between 2am and 5am – that “DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN” time when all your hopes and fears duke it out. At times, it’s not very pretty but then again it’s when I have my greatest breakthroughs. Thank God this is an EVEN year – ELEVEN was horrible to me, but i learned a lot.. looking forward to TWELVE!!!!
    oh bee, it reminds me – are you going to see the new movie out by Janet Evanovich?
    Oh man, if you’re NOT a fan you should be. READ #17 and it was hilarious.


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