Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

2am rambles

i am on vacation.  yes, that’s awesome for so many reasons…but let me tell you why it isn’t

it didn’t take me long to revert back to my old behaviour…or should i say my natural state.

i am by nature a night owl.  it’s almost 2:00am and i am wide awake.  the whole house is asleep…so i sit here quiet as a mouse not wanting to disturb anyone.

i love being awake in the early morning hours.  if you know me – you know why.
these are my hours…and my day job takes this joy away from me.


this adult thing is really pissing me off.

i am sitting here wide awake – almost 2am.  i am trying to talk myself in to going to bed…but like a child i fight it.
but i should.

because around 6:30am my puppy’s bladder is going to wake me up and demand i take her out.
it’s not her fault – it’s how my day job trained her.

i will grunt and moan and be angry – but i still gotta do it.

what else sucks?  after i walk her i will gladly lay down in bed again with a smile on my face.
why?  cause i get to go back to sleep.
but you know what’s gonna happen?

i am going to feel guilty.
yup, feel guilty for not getting up at a god awful hour to be productive.
i just can’t shake that feeling and i blame adulthood.

so i am going to be up early tomorrow – and do the things that need to be done.

but then i get to take an afternoon nap. weeeeeee!

hell i may even go kick some serious karaoke ass tomorrow night.  why?
cause i can!

oy, i guess i should get to bed…but i don’t wanna!!!!

g’nite all 🙂

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