my realizations

i had a wonderful New Year.

i spent it with people i loved – the whole day a celebration.
i hope to live the rest of the year with that much love.
every single day.

the evening was very quiet and intimate.  spent with a couple of people who are very important in my life.
we had dinner by candle light and a few glasses of wine.
no, no one got wasted or stupid – it’s amazing how much we have all matured! lol

there was alot of laughter and love.
it made me realize that this is exactly how i want my life to be.

i want my life to be simple – filled with a small circle of friends who have more than enough love
to give…
and i to give to them.

i want to spend my life laughing, being intimately involved with all of the people i care for in my life. (no not in a sexual way lol)

i want to have more dinners by candle light.  i want to drink wine with friends and crave their company.
i want to show appreciation for every single relationship i have created in my life.

i want my last night of 2011 to reflect my destiny for 2012…and always.

i realize i do not ask for alot – but you would be surprised at how absolutely incredible it is to be able to say…

i am loved…i am lucky…i am blessed.

this seems like an appropriate time to throw in one of my favourite quotes:

“may the best of your past be the worst of your future.

all the best to everyone for 2012 and always.

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