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feeling blessed

today was a day.
well it wasn’t so bad until the end of the day really.
you know, when my work day was done and i was racing out to meet GB at the gym.
i hopped into my car…and that’s right about where things got yucky.

my car wouldn’t start.
the battery finally died.

can i tell you for 9 years my car has been perfect (as i knock on wood)
the fact that my original battery lasted for 9 years is crazy!!

i’ll admit…i am a typical girl when it comes to cars.  i only know how to drive them.
i wouldn’t be able to change my own tire…and i certainly wouldn’t be able to change my own battery.

i asked my friend if he could give me a boost so i could get to a shop and get a new battery.
he did more than i could ever ask him to.
he drove me to Canadian Tire and we picked up a battery and he changed it out for me.
how awesome is he????
it was pouring rain – the weather was crap…and he still offered to help.
now that is true friendship.  i see a bottle of wine is some one’s future.

it was stressful for me driving home…i got all paranoid about the car stalling etc (it was idling really low)
but i made it home…me and my car all in one piece.

i was gifted chocolate to calm my poor little nerves.  don’t worry it was low carb 🙂

so now i am home safe and sound.  i didn’t hit the gym, but there is always tomorrow.

i guess i am blogging here because i just feel blessed.
i am surrounded by so many good people…it makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

i leave you with a quote i read tonight – it stuck with me.  enjoy!

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift. ~ Mary Oliver

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goal not achieved

at the beginning of the year i set some goals.  i would really have to look back to see what they were
and if i achieved them!
lol how bad is that?

the one i do remember was that i was going to create my own website
i even bought myself WordPress for Dummies!!!

because i am wonder woman i had just assumed i had all the time in the world
well, we are already in mid November – and it’s just not looking good!

seriously i started reading the book and i was totally getting it and ready to rock my own website
but then it started throwing out really dirty words like FTP and god knows what else…
and i got all dizzy in the brain.

i don’t think it will happen in 2011.  my life is way to crazy to sit down and “learn”
unless someone would like to teach me?
i am much better at hands on stuff.
if not – then maybe i can find some time to breathe in 2012 and do it.

sadly it’s the same thing with a gift i was kind of offered.
well..i was asked if i wanted a MAC instead of my PC
i said no thank you.  why?  cause i don’t know how to use the damn thing!!!
although it was rather sexy if i must say so myself!

so that’s my Tuesday rambles.  any techie suggestions would be more than welcome

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dress me up

today was supposed to be a domestic day – you know – just the basics, tidy the house, do laundry
the things that i live for.  NOT!!!

i ended up spending the day shopping!!
me and mastercard had a hot date.

i bought clothes.  clothes for work
i prefer to buy casual clothes, but i do need clothes for work

the shocking item i bought?

i bought a dress!
it is sooooo pretty.

ok those of you who know me can stop laughing now – any time now!

i probably stopped wearing dresses/skirts to work in my early thirties
i don’t know if it was a subconscious thing – that my brain maybe thought i was too old to be showing off skin
from flaunting my pasty white legs i went to hiding them

so today i just thought i’d try this dress on since it looked so cute on the rack
and i gotta say it looked even cuter on me 🙂


here it is!  (that hottie in it is not me though)

also – i did something i have probably never done in my life.
i bought accessories.

i used to wear a crap load of jewelery in my teens and early twenties
i mean i had 9 ear piercings all with earrings in them…rings on each finger
bracelets up to my elbow.

now i wear earrings in two holes and one ring…and one necklace
that is all.

today i bought a fancy bracelet and a dangly necklace
what the hell happened to me?

you know what i think?  i think i am turning a new leaf
one called confidence.
i kinda like this new leaf turning.

i shall be debuting my new dress tomorrow at work – the bitch boots are polished and ready to rock

yay – happy monday to me!

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cheating and nightmares

yesterday was a cheat day. not a cheat day, but a cheat dinner.  i had some Chinese food 🙂  it wasn’t a crazy cheat, but it was stuff i normally just don’t eat
it was gooooooood!!

i proceeded to have a rough night.
i will explain.

it doesn’t help that yesterday was a highly emotional day.
i spent the better part of the morning driving like a mad fool – trying to get to someone.
i really believed that someone i love very much was dead.
true story.
and a long story
so i am not even going to get in to it.  but all is well…no one is dead…the world is as it should be
but i gotta tell you, i was left drained.
absolutely exhausted.

enter in Chinese food and well…the rest will make sense.

i had nightmare after nightmare last night.

people that are no longer a part of my life were in my dreams
being rude, mean and bully-like

i dreamt about worms and maggots – millions of them all over the ground
being collected and thrown at me

i dreamt about being chased by people who once were in my life
trying to kill me and hurt me.

i don’t know how many times i woke up last night sweaty and freaked right out!!

every single dream – or should i say nightmare felt real when i woke up and i needed a few minutes to figure out that they were just dreams.

maybe Bill Cosby was on to something.
i remember watching the Cosby show and he couldn’t eat anything late at night that was bad for him cause he wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

i blame the Chinese food.  it was good…but man – not that good!

today i resume my normal life.  Chinese food free.

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happy dance in aisle 4

oh the things that make me deliriously happy.

i decided that i would make my chicken, cheese wraps tonight.

if you know one thing about me through this blog is….i am not a fan of chicken.
i don’t like handling it – at all.
it kinda makes me want to toss my cookies.  and the clean up i need to do afterwards is a little OCD-ish
it’s really odd – i know this.
but hey – i yam what i yam.

the end result is awesome -extremely tasty.
it’s the getting there that is a little troublesome.
just touching the chicken…never mind cutting the breasts in half and beating the crap out of them
it does a number on my gag reflex

so i was mentally preparing myself all day today…as i often do when i have to do things i don’t wanna do.

i get to the grocery store and pick up my breasts.
wait – not my breasts – the chicken breasts
i start walking away and out of the corner of my eye i catch something i’ve never seen at the grocery store before

thin cut chicken breasts.


i almost did my happy dance right there in the poultry aisle.

sure it cost twice as much
expensive chicken let me tell you

but keeping my sanity – absolutely priceless

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thursday randoms

it’s a random day and i have random thoughts.
i am feeling more like myself – so really you should expect nothing less

this is day two of no headache.  ok, so yesterday i had a very very mild one
but considering what i have been dealing with lately – that was a piece of cake.
two days of feeling like a brand new woman – like i could conquer the world
i am going to completely take advantage of it – because i am sure it will be back.
it seems when the headache went away – my personality returned.  go figure.

if you read my blog yesterday – you read about my near death experience yes?
ok, ok…so i may be exaggerating just a bit – but seriously…those stairs just about killed me
after the initial shock to my body wore off i thought to myself – “self, you gotta do that again!”
i used to take the stairs every single day.  i don’t know why i stopped…but i am thinking maybe, just maybe i will try it again
it would be great if i could get my diva dog to do it with me – but she’s too good for stairs
i would end up carrying her.  no thanks!

my eating has been remarkable lately.  it feels so good being back on track.  when i am in this mode i always wonder why i ever strayed.
i have much more energy (if i don’t have a bloody headache that is)  and i just feel so much more accomplished.
can you see me patting my back?

if there is no headache tomorrow – i am going to give weights a try at the gym again.  i’ve given up on the weights because honestly – it feels like my brains are gonna pop out.  it’s quite the scary feeling doing weights feeling like that.  it makes me wonder what the hell my brain is going through to be feeling so horrible.
so i’ve only been doing cardio now for a few weeks – i am anxious and nervous about getting back on the weights.  i think my body will be in pain – but it’s a good pain. yeah i am one of those weirdos who like pain.
it’s been a while since i’ve done weights and i feel myself shying away from doing them.
i’ll get over it i am sure.

i’ll leave you with a picture of my beautiful family – well some of my family.  the little critters that have stolen my heart.

see the socks my lil’  dood is wearing?  i bought those for lil’ bee when she was born for her first Halloween.  god how time flies.

have an awesome Thursday – i know i will.  Thursday’s are my favourite!  woohoo

on tonight’s agenda – i am going to make a kick ass dinner – possibly a kick ass cheesecake.  pray that my kitten doesn’t cause me to drink copious amounts of alcohol (i forgot what kittens were like – lord give me strength)
and all my shows are on – and more than likely i shall be writing.
now doesn’t that sound like an amazing evening?

play nice kids!

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because sharing is caring

so i went to the gym tonight.

i managed 45 minutes of crazy ass cardio – like sweat my butt off cardio
i felt accomplished and amazing!!

i get home and an elevator is not working.  i wait about 5 minutes and then little ol’ impatient me…decided i’d had enough

what does bee do?

i took the stairs.

did i mention i live on the 11th floor?
11 stories i climbed.

i think i almost died – seriously – died
oh my poor ass and legs.

that is all

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the right foot – not to be confused with the left foot

i had a good dinner last night.
i mention this because lately my appetite has been next to nil – so i sucked back my chicken and green beans and felt lovely. i don’t even think i chewed.

not only that – but i slept last night. i got seven hours of sleep last night! seven people!!!!!!
in my world 5 hours is crazy talk – so imagine how happy i was with 7 hours of uninterrupted snoozing.
i woke up with a very sore belly though???? could it be i was doing crunches in my sleep? that would be awesome lol.
alas i just think it could have been my crazy kitten using my belly as a trampoline.

the best thing about this morning? i woke up without a headache.
usually that’s the first thing that’s present when i wake up. a pounding headache.
i’ve been dealing with headaches a lot longer than i think i should be. i can count on one hand how many days of the month i don’t have a headache.
i am pretty sure i am on week 3 at the moment – of a constant, never ending headache.
yes – i have a doctors appt at the end of the month – i’m gonna get him to check my head out.
this has been on and off for over 6 months…i don’t think i can handle a headache much longer.

i used to and occasionally still suffer from migraines – but nothing major. i know all my headache triggers – like not enough coffee/not enough food or bad food/rain on the way/one too many glasses of red/hormones/wearing baseball caps.
none of the above apply to why i have a headache for this long. i get a day or 2 of peace – and then it’s back again for another 2-3 week run. it’s just insane.
but for one glorious hour i was completely headache free. as i was driving in to work – i felt the familiar pain setting in. ugh. it’s enough to make me crazy – no joke.
advil liquid gels are my best friend.

and so the headache has returned.

i started off my day on the right foot. i was happy and energetic…grabbed my 45 cent coffee from McDonalds – yessss! i didn’t even get pissed off when one of those student driver cars were in front of me and were afraid to turn out of the parking lot. ok so i was a little pissed – but c’mon i waited behind him for about 5 minutes…waiting for him to not be scared to turn out onto a fairly empty road.

anyways…i am going to continue my day on the right foot – headache or not dammit.

happy tuesday to you!

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