goal not achieved

at the beginning of the year i set some goals.  i would really have to look back to see what they were
and if i achieved them!
lol how bad is that?

the one i do remember was that i was going to create my own website
i even bought myself WordPress for Dummies!!!

because i am wonder woman i had just assumed i had all the time in the world
well, we are already in mid November – and it’s just not looking good!

seriously i started reading the book and i was totally getting it and ready to rock my own website
but then it started throwing out really dirty words like FTP and god knows what else…
and i got all dizzy in the brain.

i don’t think it will happen in 2011.  my life is way to crazy to sit down and “learn”
unless someone would like to teach me?
i am much better at hands on stuff.
if not – then maybe i can find some time to breathe in 2012 and do it.

sadly it’s the same thing with a gift i was kind of offered.
well..i was asked if i wanted a MAC instead of my PC
i said no thank you.  why?  cause i don’t know how to use the damn thing!!!
although it was rather sexy if i must say so myself!

so that’s my Tuesday rambles.  any techie suggestions would be more than welcome

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