dress me up

today was supposed to be a domestic day – you know – just the basics, tidy the house, do laundry
the things that i live for.  NOT!!!

i ended up spending the day shopping!!
me and mastercard had a hot date.

i bought clothes.  clothes for work
i prefer to buy casual clothes, but i do need clothes for work

the shocking item i bought?

i bought a dress!
it is sooooo pretty.

ok those of you who know me can stop laughing now – any time now!

i probably stopped wearing dresses/skirts to work in my early thirties
i don’t know if it was a subconscious thing – that my brain maybe thought i was too old to be showing off skin
from flaunting my pasty white legs i went to hiding them

so today i just thought i’d try this dress on since it looked so cute on the rack
and i gotta say it looked even cuter on me 🙂


here it is!  (that hottie in it is not me though)

also – i did something i have probably never done in my life.
i bought accessories.

i used to wear a crap load of jewelery in my teens and early twenties
i mean i had 9 ear piercings all with earrings in them…rings on each finger
bracelets up to my elbow.

now i wear earrings in two holes and one ring…and one necklace
that is all.

today i bought a fancy bracelet and a dangly necklace
what the hell happened to me?

you know what i think?  i think i am turning a new leaf
one called confidence.
i kinda like this new leaf turning.

i shall be debuting my new dress tomorrow at work – the bitch boots are polished and ready to rock

yay – happy monday to me!

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