she chose me

i have been busy lately.  really busy.

busy with what you ask?

ohhhh…just falling in love.

hey…i wasn’t looking for love.  you know how it is….love finds you when you aren’t looking and smacks you upside the head.
oh love.

she was persistent.  she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  she touched my face and kissed me – and i was done.  looking into those eyes of hers sealed the deal.
i had to make her mine.

how could i turn away and leave and not take her with me?

out of all the people in the world…she chose me.  how lucky could a girl be?

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6 thoughts on “she chose me

    1. losing bee Post author

      susan thank you! how are you doing over there? i haven’t seen you on line and i know you’re area got hit pretty bad over the weekend. check in please!


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