obese on purpose

How did i not hear about this before???

Have any of you heard of Drew Manning?  me neither, until tonight….i wish i had clued into this guy months ago.

Drew is a personal trainer.  he has been physical/active his whole life.  he has never had that “fat” struggle…that alot of us face at one point or another.
oh and he’s not bad on the eyes i gotta say 🙂

so what Drew decided to do was…to get obese on purpose.
From what i understand…for 6 months he will not engage in any physical activity and eat crap.

his goal was to gain 50-60 pounds.  i believe he is in month 5 and has already gained 70 pounds!  say it with me seven – zero.

he wants to see life through his clients eyes.  he wants to know what they go through on a day to day basis – to understand them better.
after the 6 month weight gain – he will start eating healthy again, working out…and posting on his blog.

a part of me thinks this is freakin’ fantastic!!!!  and another part of me sincerely worries for his health.
for someone so healthy – this is a lot to take on.

i think it’s absolutely awesome that he will be telling the world the foods he will eat and the exercises he will do.
i think for people who can’t afford a personal trainer – this will be so helpful.
we also get to watch him transition back to himself.

the before and after pictures are ridiculous!!  you need to go pay a visit to his blog and see what i am talking about
this guy is craaaaazy – but in a good way!

click here to go to his website

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