change of plans – and a rant if you will

today didn’t go as planned – but life rarely does.

i am battling with what seems like round two of this cold.  it really sucks.
i mean i am functional and all…but this cough is just kicking my ass.
it seems to be going around too – everyone i know is sick

so now that the insomnia is gone – i am still getting no sleep.
every time i started to fall into a sweet slumber i woke up choking – unable to catch my breath
that’s the worst feeling in the world…tears running down my face…ugh it’s crap
how do you fall asleep after that??

so needless to say…i was a little zombie like this morning getting up for work

do you know how hard it is to work from home when you feel crappy and tired – knowing that your comfortable, cozy bed is just down the hall?
talk about a tease
it’s even harder when you have the cutest puppy in the world wanting to snuggle with you.

i got through the day – and once i shut down the work computer i headed straight to my bedroom
i managed a 20 min nap.  better than nothing i suppose.

i crawled outta bed…threw on a baseball cap (and clothes of course…cause that would just be weird)…hopped in the car and met up with a lovely lady for dinner.

they didn’t have my first choice low carb beer – so i settled for this.  notice the picture?  how oh how did they get this picture of me????

i started off with a lovely salad;

and then the most delicious wings in the world.  please note these are not dusted (breaded).  so they are completely on plan and absolutely yummm.

i ended off the night with a starbucks.  i drank it like the complete addict i am and so there is no picture…but i am sure you don’t mind.

so i didn’t have the chance to get to the gym to give them a piece of my mind today…there is always tomorrow
they are already on my blacklist –
our company reimburses their employees a good amount of money if they join a gym
they like to encourage health and wellness
anyways i need to show proof of payment and i get money
when i asked them for a break down of my payments it was just printed off on a plain piece of paper…no letter head
and as i suspected – my work will not accept it.
the owner says they have no letter head.  please.  arg, they really do have me by the balls don’t they?

i hate to be a bitch…but i feel like it’s time i bring out the bitch card.  i see no other way.
my cute smile isn’t working…so what else is a girl to do? lol

AND…why do they keep changing the wordpress layout???  seriously i just got used to the last change and now they throw in another?  give a girl a break already!
anyways – that is the end of my rant.

i heard this song tonight and thought it was pretty…and so i thought i’d share.  click here

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