bowling and balls

i really do rock.

it’s after 8…and i just sat down.
man am i ever tired.

i just did a million loads of laundry…made a wonderful dinner…and made my bed
i am celebrating with a glass of wine
i love nothing more than hopping into a bed with crisp, clean linen.
ok enough of the domestic goddess in me.

my whole body aches.
actually not as bad as it did over the weekend…but i am always amazed at how many different muscles our bodies have.

for someone who goes to the gym regularly…i am sore!!

why am i sore?  i’ll tell u, but don’t laugh.


bowling kicked my ass!!!!

i knew that my wrist/arm would be sore – i have carpal tunnel and bowling is probably not the best thing for it…
but what amazes me is how sore my legs and my ass are!!!!
i mean how many muscles does it take to bowl??
apparently alot.
i am sure my ass is happy 🙂

i can’t say i wasn’t warned:

i get to sleep in tomorrow – i am working from home.
which means i can get to the gym way before it gets busy…which makes me happy.

what doesn’t make me happy?
i just found out that the gym charged me an additional 30 bucks for annual maintenance fees…and equipment upgrades
that’s bullshit – cause if you saw my gym you’d know they are lying
but what can i do?  they got me by the balls
i am sure it is written in small tiny letters on the contract i signed
they claimed to have sent me a letter – i haven’t received it….and my credit card has been charged
what can i do other than give them a  piece of my mind – which i am fairly good at 🙂

and that’s my update of sorts.
happy monday kids.

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