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i’m just confused

i’m confused – so i am going to talk it out over here.

my preferred cardio is the elliptical.  i feel like i get a really good workout on it.
over the past couple of months i have been alternating with the bike – because i know that it’s good to switch things up.

So yesterday i decided i was going to do 45 minutes on the bike.
it was an awesome cardio work out – it really kicked my ass something fierce.

what i don’t get is – i always assumed the elliptical was a harder work out.
for example – 15 minutes on the elliptical and i burn approximately 200 calories (although i have always been skeptical – i mean how accurate can that really be)
so in a typical half hour cardio workout – i burn roughly 400 calories.


i get on the bike – which is seemingly “easier” and it takes me 45 minutes to burn what i burn on the elliptical in 15!
so in my 45 minute work out on the bike – it says i burned 200 calories and biked 15 km’s.

i get the whole different equipment, different muscles etc…
but i kid you not – i put a lot of work into my cardio session yesterday.
i don’t think i have ever sweat more in my life.
i was exhausted and sweaty and gross – my legs were like rubber – it was awesome!!!
so it doesn’t really “feel” easier – i sweat more on that damn bike than i do on the elliptical hands down.

so how is it possible?  i feel like i worked out twice as hard on that bike and got such minimal results.

is the key just ignoring the calorie count and keep doing what i am doing?
i don’t put a lot of thought into the calorie count –  but the difference from elliptical to the bike is rather outrageous no???

just wondering out loud that’s all.

i’ve been going to the gym solo more often than not…which is ok…it doesn’t bother me…
but i get bored a lot easier since i have no one there to talk to and harass!
yesterday i decided to leave the ipod at home – and take a book!  yep – i got to catch up on some reading while on the bike!!!
I’ve been trying to read Sybil for months now – what an amazing multi tasker i am 🙂

i have a busy busy fun weekend ahead of me…
i am skipping the gym tonight for a fun night of bowling!!!  it’s been years since i’ve bowled.  i am the best underhand bowler in the universe, i am pretty sure of it 🙂

have an awesome weekend folks and play nice!

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