day of awesome

yesterday was a good day.

scratch that – yesterday was an awesome day.

from the moment i opened my eyes…to the moment i went to bed….it was awesome.

i had an extremely productive day at work and got caught up on the days that i missed.
i left the office ahead of myself!!!

i got a totally random and completely unexpected “i love you more” text message from someone – well someone that i adore and love more than the cows in Newfoundland – and so that totally made my morning.
(you know who you are!)

as i wrote yesterday – it was going to be my first day back at the gym after a week of not going.
i was a little worried since i still have remnants of my cold – especially in my chest
but it was amazing!!!!!!
i had a kick ass night at the gym.  i didn’t feel winded or exhausted – it was just awesome!!!

i went home and treated myself to a long hot bubble bath.  the bubble bath was jasmine scented.  i have never had anything jasmine scented – and i just loved it…i awakened all my senses.
it was heavenly

then i had dinner made for me.  an awesomely delicious kick ass low carb dinner.  it was sooooooo very good!!!
(mmm, now i’m hungry lol)

later in the evening i caught up with two very important people in my life.  talk about feeling the love…that was just awesome!!!!!!

umm….oh yeah…i finally found my favourite Gavin Degraw song on Youtube – so now i can continue on my quest to make everyone fall in love with this song.
yay me!

i went to bed at a decent hour last night.  that never happens.  i only woke up a couple of times choking/coughing which is a total improvement.

i didn’t want to get out of bed this morning – but i never want to get out of bed – so that’s nothing new.  have you slept in my bed??? lol  you wouldn’t want to get outta bed either.

So i am trying my best to make today an extension of yesterday.  awesome.
(i hope i didn’t jinx myself!)

if you feel like sending me a random i love you text message (if i know you and love you of course, otherwise that would just be weird) please go right ahead!!

i will leave you with my awesome song choice of the day.
click here for some gavin

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