back on that horsie

after taking a full week off of my regular life – i am feeling heavy.
literally. lol

battling with the head cold from hell, and traveling last week – there was just no way i could get to the gym and be functional.
i could barely make it through an 8 hour work day…never mind getting my work out in.
walking 10 steps was enough for my poor little lungs.
let’s not even talk about Thanksgiving dinner(s).  oy vay.

I am feeling much better.  i have remnants of this stupid cold – sneezing and a terrible cough that seems to wake me up in the middle of the night…but i can breathe…finally
and i have more energy…so as i see it there is no excuse not to go.
(although i am sure if given the opportunity i could whip up an excuse in no time)

in the past…missing a full week at the gym would have probably turned me into an anxiety riddled  crazy manic person.
Actually, i probably would have pushed myself to go – and made myself even sicker!

that is so not the case anymore.
once i put it through my stubborn little head that this indeed is a lifestyle – i felt alot better about things.
meaning – life happens.  sometimes i won’t be able to go to the gym…due to sickness, or just other commitments – or traveling.
it’s life – and sometimes life is not about an uber strict schedule.

if i am going to dedicate my whole life to working out and being healthy
i need to be a realist.
every week will not see me at the gym 3-4 times
every single thing i put in my mouth will not be the very best decision.

but knowing this makes all the difference…because i am not giving myself an excuse to back out of my commitments.
i am giving myself permission to live – accordingly.
and that takes so much pressure off of little ol’ me.

who knew.
once i grew an i don’t give a shit attitude – things seem easier – i can see the bigger picture.

so it’s back on my horsey tonight – or should i say elliptical.

i can do it.  if i happen to start hacking up a lung – i just stop.
try again tomorrow.

see?  simple.  i don’t know why i was making it so damn hard.
when you remove the pressure of having to do something – you get a much more tolerant, cooperative bee 🙂

on to other news…the weather over in my end of the world has been amazing.  we are talking summer like weather.
a coworker and i decided to skip on our lunch and take in a nice long walk in the sun.
i feel so amazing!  my freckles aren’t going away quite yet.
so we had to have our lunch at our desks – but hey – it was so well worth it.  looks like fall will be rolling in as of tomorrow…so i will take all the sun i can!!
boo 😦

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