i am thankful

i am thankful for so much in my life:

~for the love i have – it is overwhelming and amazing

~for my family – my blood family and the one i have created

~for my friends – for the old and the new

~for my health – i am reminded that my health is a gift and i should never take it for granted

~for my home – it’s not much but it is where i want to be

~for my animals – who make me smile each and every day

~for enough money to eat – even if at times it is poorly

~for my job – which allows me to live the life that i live

~for my words – that i am still able to feel passion for writing

~for my past – it’s made me the strong, beautiful person i am today

~for this community – i have met so many inspirational people – some i call friends

i have…in abundance…everything i need.   i am extremely thankful.  i will try to remember this every single day.  it is so easy to think about the things you don’t have, rather than to be thankful for the things you do.  I have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate today. and even if you don’t – there is never a better time to remember what you are thankful for than right now.

what are you thankful for?

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