i am shocked

i’m not really

that was just my sarcasm shining through.  and i needed an excuse to use this awesome picture – so it’s all good.

I’m sick.

i woke up yesterday morning a complete mess.  i just thought my lack of sleep was catching up to me…finally – but it didn’t explain the fever i had all day

someone came around and replaced my pretty little head with a bowling ball when i wasn’t looking.
how rude.

i am not surprised.  not in the least.  with my sleep schedule being all over the map and dealing with random crap thrown my way it was bound to happen
oh, and not to mention that of all the weeks in the year – this being my busiest one…of course i would get sick.
it’s just the way my life goes.

the positive attitude i was sporting Sunday night about my goals and kicking ass at the gym…are on hold.

i was going to go to the gym tonight but i think that requires functioning lungs.
i can’t even spit out a sentence without sounding like a 90 year old asthmatic…and no you cannot crank call me to hear it.

i headed straight home yesterday – and instead of kicking ass at the gym…i put on my fat pants and took a nap.
i guess i need to kick this colds ass before i can kick any other ass.

oh and of course i am traveling in 2 days.  of course i would get sick.

none of this surprises me.

my ass kicking is temporarily on hold – but i will be back

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