pill poppin’ bee

so it’s been 3 days i’ve been taking the Melatonin.

i thought i would come here to report.

i am not too sure there is anything to report quite yet to be honest with you.

i was all freaked out the first night i planned on taking it.
i over reacted (shocker!)  i am so very anal about pills – even something that is natural has the ability to freak me out.
as if it’s some sort of crack in a bottle
i am a little odd that way
but i took it anyway.

that night i managed to pass out – after 1:30am.  that was the last time i looked at the clock.
i am happy to report that i only woke up once.  so that is quite the change.
i cannot say it was the melatonin – as i just took my first pill. i think it just had everything to do with being absolutely exhausted.

last night i crashed pretty early – and woke up at least 5 times – so no change there.
i was able to sleep in this morning tho’
i seem to fall into my deepest sleep around 5am i find.  which makes a 6am wake up difficult.

i am not giving up on it.  it can’t harm me and i know that with anything…it takes time to start working.

i have also brought out the vitamin D
this time of year always brings about a feeling of melancholy.
i am always sad when the days get shorter and colder.
i spend all of fall and winter – waiting for spring and summer.
it’s a vicious cycle.

and i’ve also brought out the omega 3, magnesium…multi…

anyways – i have an extremely busy week ahead of me.
one that requires me to be well rested.  if by Tuesday i see no difference…i am not too sure what i will do.
i am travelling the rest of the week and need to have my head on straight.

i napped today – this is my favourite thing to do on weekends.
at least i do not feel a sense of urgency to get myself to bed now.
i think that during the week i place such pressure on myself to get to bed at a decent hour that it keeps me up.

i’ll figure it out eventually.
or not.
i’ve been this way my whole life.

i go through stages
it appears that i am on the no sleep stage – again…for the millionth time.

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