running on empty

i’ve decided that i am done playing with this sleep stealer in my life
i am going to kick insomnia’s ass.

i’ve been doing amazingly well for little sleep.
there have been nights i’ve even gone to bed before 11…but as soon as i started to fall asleep
i would wake up in complete panic
i mean heart racing, sweating panic.
now who wants to wake up like that???
not just once a night.  no.  cause that would be ok.
we are talking at least 5-6 time a night.

so i am bringing out the big guns.

i’ve been talking to alot of people…and alot of people have sleep issues
here i thought it was all about me.
i also spoke to my sister in law – who is a pharmacist…and i think i may have found a remedy.

i went out today and stocked up on some Melatonin and B12.
that’s right.  i am gonna knock my ass out like a responsible adult.
although i gotta say that my glass of wine at night seems to eventually do the trick…
and if it doesn’t – i just have two 🙂

so i am going to give this a go tonight
and hopefully i will see a difference…feel a difference.

i am functioning extremely well for someone not getting enough sleep
even kicking ass at the gym
but eventually i think i am just gonna stop…drop…and roll
and just not get up.

wish me luck.

and on to much more important news.  my favourite artist has just released a video to my favourite song.
this is a must see.  make sure you watch it to the end…because that is my favourite part…
and if you know me in real life – it’s soooo very me 🙂

enjoy and sleep well!

click here for the best video ever!

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2 thoughts on “running on empty

  1. davidisfat

    Good luck Bee. Insomnia will definitely catch up with you. When it happens to me, I eventually lose the ability to concentrate, and ultimately I tend to make some really poor decisions


    1. losing bee Post author

      oh i know David. Sadly i am no stranger to this. i’ve been making really dumb mistakes at work. i am in such a brain fog. hopefully i will catch up on some much needed rest this weekend!!


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