back on track

i’m starting to get myself back on track

last week i started making myself snacks to eat throughout the day at work
i find that works best for me.
i bought some cottage cheese and some fresh vegetables and divided everything into small portions to enjoy all day long.

it curbs my appetite so i am not tempted to get something “bad” at lunch.
i used to do this all the time.  i am not too sure why i stopped…but i did.  anyways that doesn’t matter now. all that matters is that i am back on track with that.

i’ve been eating right during the week and started back at the gym after my week long vacation.

it felt good…and it feels good being back on track.
it’s a little difficult after straying for a while…but well worth it.

if someone could just remind me how wonderful i feel after i work out that would be greatly appreciated.  sometimes i want to cry cause i just don’t want to go to the gym…but once i am done working out i am so happy i made the decision to go.
i feel wonderful and accomplished.

i had a crazy busy weekend.  a fun one 🙂
i did so much walking that today i can barely move.  it’s funny to me because i am obviously sore because i was using different muscles than i generally use at the gym…and my oh my do i feel it.
i am walking like i am an 80 year old!

anyways…i am back…and intend on staying here.

now if i could only wake up….
someone go to Starbucks for me pretty please?

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6 thoughts on “back on track

  1. Ma.Risa

    Getting to the gym is the hardest part for me, too. I feel your pain 😉
    Sadly, mental tricks are my only motivation: 10 minutes and you can go home. 10 minutes and you can stop. 10 minutes and you can leave. But then I find that if I’ve convinced myself to do those 10 minutes of warm-up – I’ll end up completing the workout…and stopping becomes the hard part!
    Glad you’re back on track 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      everyone has their own little mind tricks that they use. i do that too..only 10 more min. i break down my elliptical in 10 min intervals and it really works for me!

  2. wannabebrazilian

    Something I always remind myself of is that I will never regret having gone to the gym, but I will always regret NOT going. Also, if you use a treadmill or elliptical or similar machines, for me it has helped to bring a small towel to cover up where the “Time Elapsed” and “Distance” are displayed, otherwise I keep looking at them and getting depressed by how little I’ve done or how much is left. I listen to music and allow myself to remove the towel and check every 5 songs or so, which is roughly every 15 minutes, and I’ve usually done more than I thought! It makes the time go by much faster 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      that’s a great idea!!! i tend to use the elliptical more than anything…but i switch it up. 10 min i go forward, and then the next 10 backwards etc etc…
      but i could see how covering up the display would help!


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