just wrong, on so many levels

last night as i was driving home…
i saw a young woman walking with a baby in a stroller and a very young toddler holding her hand.

she seemed to be trying to do “something” all the while holding on to the little kid’s hand and the stroller…

and then i saw what causing her so much grief.

she was trying to light a cigarette!!!  talk about great multi tasking!!!

this irks me.  on many levels.
i do not think that people should smoke in front of children.  sure, you have an addiction, but these kids don’t need to suffer from it.
they don’t need to inhale it, see it.
these children didn’t ask for it.

man it burns my ass.

so then…as she starts walking ahead…and gets closer to my car…i see that not only is she smoking and handling two children under 2 years of age.
she is extremely pregnant.
i mean ready to pop pregnant.


it’s not like we don’t know any better.  it’s not like this is the 70’s and people didn’t really get how “bad” smoking is.
i don’t care what anyone decides to do to themselves…but there is an unborn baby in that belly.

i get that smoking is an addiction. believe me…i know.
but doesn’t the fact that you are growing a little human being in that belly give you enough strength to quit?
in her case i guess not.

i dunno – that visual is stuck in my head and makes me really really sad.

if you are going to have a baby…don’t freakin’ smoke.

bah, i feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

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