say what you mean

i wonder what people really mean when they say something.

for example…one time many many moons ago, i ran into an old friend who i hadn’t seen in years.
when she saw me she said – “you look…healthy!!”
i was mortified.
healthy?  really???
i thought to myself…why not just tell me i have gained weight?  i think it would have shocked me less.  just come straight out and tell me i am fat.  i mean i own a mirror – i can take it.

i have done that before – i have told a girl that she looked “healthy” but i was being a bitch.
i didn’t like her, she was very vain…and thought her sh*t didn’t stink.
haha – i would pay money to see that look on her face again 🙂

ahem – i am not that girl anymore.  i would never intentionally be spiteful to someone
(unless of course they absolutely deserved it lol)

sooo…there’s this guy i know.  we run into eachother about once a month.
everytime he sees me he always offers up a “looking good bee”
we talk about the gym, his biking and routine etc (he’s a pretty active guy) and then we go on our merry ways.

today i ran in to him.  no looking good bee…
but instead i got “so are you still going to the gym?”

did he mean something by that, or are my own insecurities coming out from a presumably innocent comment?
i know i’ve been feeling defeated lately – a little sensitive.  being on vacation for a week sure didn’t help.
i am not too sure how to take it…
but it’s weighing on my mind.  i am already way too analytical for my own good…as most of you know.

but i promise i won’t sit in the corner and cry over this

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4 thoughts on “say what you mean

  1. davidisfat

    Here’s a little “men” insight for you:

    1) We generally say what we mean, unless
    2) We are just making conversation.
    3) Typically there is no “hidden” content to our comments; we just aren’t wired that way.
    4) When you ask us what we are thinking and we say “nothing”, REALLY…I mean REALLY we mean it. Men are capable of thinking about nothing; in fact we thrive on it. Of course we’re capable of thinking about some thoroughly stupid s**t as well.

    Funny story, I usually talk with me girlfriend every evening (long distance relationship at this time), and I usually end the conversation the same way every time (i.e. I love you and I miss you very much). Two nights ago she threw me a curveball…saying “what did you say?”, so I repeated it, and she said “I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were saying, since you say the same thing every night.” After reading your post it makes me wonder how she would react if I didn’t say it. Say the same thing and we’re in a rut, say something different and what did he mean by that … *shakes head* We men just cannot win.. hahahhaha

    Good luck in good health,

    1. losing bee Post author

      haha, david i love it! it’s so true…you poor guys cannot win for losing. my friend – who is my coworker is awesome and i am sure he meant absolutely nothing by what he said. if he knew how it was plaguing my mind he would over explain himself – after all…he is married…he knows the mind of a woman lol


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