Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

say what you mean

i wonder what people really mean when they say something.

for example…one time many many moons ago, i ran into an old friend who i hadn’t seen in years.
when she saw me she said – “you look…healthy!!”
i was mortified.
healthy?  really???
i thought to myself…why not just tell me i have gained weight?  i think it would have shocked me less.  just come straight out and tell me i am fat.  i mean i own a mirror – i can take it.

i have done that before – i have told a girl that she looked “healthy” but i was being a bitch.
i didn’t like her, she was very vain…and thought her sh*t didn’t stink.
haha – i would pay money to see that look on her face again 🙂

ahem – i am not that girl anymore.  i would never intentionally be spiteful to someone
(unless of course they absolutely deserved it lol)

sooo…there’s this guy i know.  we run into eachother about once a month.
everytime he sees me he always offers up a “looking good bee”
we talk about the gym, his biking and routine etc (he’s a pretty active guy) and then we go on our merry ways.

today i ran in to him.  no looking good bee…
but instead i got “so are you still going to the gym?”

did he mean something by that, or are my own insecurities coming out from a presumably innocent comment?
i know i’ve been feeling defeated lately – a little sensitive.  being on vacation for a week sure didn’t help.
i am not too sure how to take it…
but it’s weighing on my mind.  i am already way too analytical for my own good…as most of you know.

but i promise i won’t sit in the corner and cry over this

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