moves like jagger

those of you that know me in real life…or read my blog know that i have exceptional chair dancing skills.
i rock that chair like no one’s business.

i mean…if there was an award for best chair dancer…hello…i would win it hands down

sometimes i get lost in my own head.  i know…shocking.
the other day..with my ear buds in…listening to my latest chair rockin’ song – i got lost in my awesome dance moves.
i turned around in my chair and noticed i had an audience.  they were quite impressed. lol
i love my work peeps.

but what’s even better than chair dancing????
car dancing.
that’s right.

i love singing and dancing in my car.  of course i have to be in the mood to rock it out…but usually all it takes is for one of my favourite songs to come on radio…and i am done.

volume goes up…ass starts to wiggle…my steering wheel becomes the drums…and this old lady just rocks it right out!

and yes…people stare.  that’s half the fun!!!
i mean obviously i am doing it because i love the music…but it’s great to have other people in cars look over at me and smile.

i’ve had people smile, wave, blow me kisses. i’ve even had a marriage proposal.
oh the power of dance!!

yesterday as i was rockin’ it out i had to laugh at myself.  i can only imagine how comical it all looks.
and that indeed is the best part.

i need to invest in some sort of camera in my car…these moves are just too good not to share with the world.

this is my latest bust a move song. i don’t know why i love it…as i am not a huge fan of this dood….but i do.

take a listen and i dare you not to move either.  just a slight warning…there is some boobage in the video – just thought i’d warn you in case you are anti boobie.

this song will be playing in the car on my way downtown tonight…good music and dinner with friends – the weekend is starting on the right foot!

Have a great weekend!

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