god’s elixir

let me introduce you to my latest obsession.
Voss water.  it’s true.  i am slightly obsessed.

it amazingly tastes like….water!!!!
like a million little angels are crying on my tongue

what i mean by it tastes like water…well…it’s pure and has no taste
unlike Aquafina – and the worst one – Dasani
Dasani tastes like someone put a teaspoon of salt in the bottle.

So i need help from my Canadian peeps.  A plastic bottle of Voss sits on my desk at work
i can only refill it so many times…
i have been on a mission to find myself the glass Voss bottle.

I did a little research and was instructed to go to any Home Sense – that they carry the glass bottles
i travelled the city over the weekend in search of this bottle (because once i get something in my head there is no stopping me)
and they in fact did not carry the glass bottles.
just little 6 packs

Before you tell me to head out to Whole Foods – it’s just not possible.
I am nowhere near a Whole Foods…although i really wish i were.
Unless any of my wonderful friends are in the area and would like to pick me up one or two – you know, cause you love me that much
i will give you my first-born.

Next stop will be Winners.  Another rumour i heard was that they can be found at No Frills – but i just find that hard to believe.

Awesome marketing you crafty Voss people…you have me losing sleep i am so in love with your bottle.

I want what i want dammit!

Anyone?  Bueller??

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