something in the water??

Whenever i think i have nothing to talk about
i am proven wrong
(this is the only time i am ever wrong – just so you know)

As you may or may not know…i am not one who takes compliments well.
i do not like attention focused on me – it just makes me uncomfortable.

but sometimes – only sometimes – it’s so nice to hear.

I have had a couple of weeks where my eating has been completely off track
and my visits to the gym have been sporadic.
i blame a yucky stomach flu for that.
for a good week i ate whatever i wanted…and rested instead of going to the gym.

i know that this is ok…and i know that this is what my body needed
but still – going completely off track makes me feel terrible in a lot of ways.
the foods my body craved are also the foods that make me feel crappy – except for the fruit
a week with no working out made me feel…frumpy and fat.
and so i have all these thoughts swimming in my brain.
i could go on the scale and find out what the damage is – if there is any at all.  but that has never proven to be a good thing.  the scale and i are not friends.

Enter lady #1.  I see this woman every day of the work week.  We do not work for the same company but we work in the same building.
Our paths cross every single day.  We always exchange pleasantries…i have had several conversations with her.  she’s a nice lady.
Yesterday she seemed a little hesitant and then said “do i dare ask you if you have lost weight?”
it caught me completely off guard!  I said…not that i am aware of…at least not recently…but yes, over the past year i have.
she said she really noticed it so she had to say something.
i was really shy about that conversation, but it was great timing on her part!!

Lady #2 is someone i work with.  I see her at least once a week.  We had a conversation this morning…and she stops and looks at me and says…you have lost quite a bit of weight.
i said really????????
oh yes she says…you can really see it in your face!
this from a woman i just saw last week?? from a woman who knows i’ve been on a healthy track for the past year and more. i just find it soooo unusual considering these past couple of weeks i have felt anything but thin.
and then she said, yes you are really thin -that’s great if that’s what you want.
is that a nice way of asking me if i am ill or something?
I could lift up my shirt and show you my non existent 6 pack abs lol

But you know what?  these simple compliments couldn’t have come at a better time…
and i am thankful to hear them.
these ladies actually made me feel better about myself…and made all the silly thoughts in my head calm down.
i really needed to hear this at this point in the game.
thank you lovely ladies.

On the other hand…someone that i love big time – and shall remain nameless,  told me the other day…
that my pants – my most favourite jean capris in the world
make my ass look big.
insert shocked face here

nice ehh?
she meant it makes my small ass look a little bigger than what it is.
right nameless person???
you do know you will never live this one down.  in protest to your comment i am wearing those capris right now!

have a lovely long weekend kids.  I have a busy one ahead of me (what’s new right)

see ya next week!
***update.  i was just getting ready to post this blog…when i received an email via my facebook – from a family member asking – “have you lost more weight?  you are looking good!”
what is in the water today????****

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2 thoughts on “something in the water??

  1. davidisfat

    Hi Bee,

    Glad you’re feeling better. Don’t worry about the scale; we’re in this for a healthy life, not day-to-day weight fluctuations.

    Good luck in good health,


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