7 days

7 days.
1 week.

that is how long i took off of the gym.

i’ve been back into my routine this week…2 days at the gym…and i swear i can barely move.
how is that possible???
I am a tough, strong, non-complaining kick ass bee….so why???!

how can i lose so much stamina and why do i hurt so bad after being away for only 1 week??


i promised myself while i was sweating my butt off that i would never ever take a week off of the gym again – unless i was dead.
dead is a good excuse to not work out right?

but with my vacation fast approaching…i may give myself permission to not go…i mean…it’s vacation….i will be too busy lounging in the sun, drinking beer, sleeping in lol

so i guess i am willing to go through this pain again.

i’m just surprised…that’s all…cause as i said…i am a super tough bee! lol

I’ve been meaning to post this song forever – but keep forgetting.  hope you like as much as i do!
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