Daily Archives: July 21, 2011

fruit monster

this was last night’s snack:

and this was breakfast this morning:

i have been crazy addicted to my fruit this week!!!  especially my melon.

Most people would say, well bee that ain’t a bad thing – and i guess it really isn’t.


sugar in my life is not a good thing – even when it comes to natural sugar.
boo – that makes me sad ’cause it’s just so damn good!!

i am giving myself this week to nurture my body and give it what it’s asking for – even if it happens to be french vanilla ice cream 🙂

next week is back to the same ol’ same ol’

this week – bring me my melon!!!!

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shuddupa yo face

i do not have an off button today.
that means someone must be feeling better.

i am 🙂  i am feeling like a rock star!!!  wooohooo!!!
i feel normal – like me again
(although i am pretty sure i am getting a stupid cold – but hey, i really don’t care)

I am wearing my antsy pants today and am so ready to take on the world.

amazing how awesome healthy feels! 🙂

i am sure if my friend had the balls to tell me to shut up – she would lol
I am non stop today people.  non stop!!!!
blah blah blah!!!!!! that’s me – talking – non stop

I am afraid nothing will get accomplished tonight though.  We are expecting a record breaking hot day today…with the humidity it will feel like 47 degrees…my American peeps…that’s about 120.
last night my a/c was struggling – i cannot imagine today.

So although i am 10 million times better – there will be no laundering of clothes this evening (can u imagine being stuck in a room where 12 dryers have been going non stop all day?)
there will be no gym – well cause i just think it’s way too hot – and i wanna give myself this whole week off.
i do believe just sitting still in this heat will cause me to burn enough calories.

i don’t even want to think about turning my oven on…so a nice salad for dinner it is.

i gotta say…i enjoyed the laziness this past week.  well parts of me did.
it was very weird for me not to have to rush somewhere after work and go go go.
i did enjoy taking my time with things….resting…and admittedly i could get use to that stagnant life – but i won’t!!!
i got a lot of other little things accomplished – like catching up on line and doing alot of social network house keeping.  my on line life is nice and tidy again!

i have another party this weekend – and i am so not missing it.
this is my weekend re-do!

omg…someone feed me a sedative!!

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