woe is me

this bug is still kicking my ass.

yes, i am able to walk and work (barely) and function (barely) but man i am just not feeling well.
when is this crap gonna go away??

if my calculations are correct – about 8 people out of the 14ish people that were at this party…all got this bug.
not fun.

as you probably already guessed – all logical eating has been thrown out the window.
call me crazy but i really don’t feel like a nice steak dinner with Caesar salad lol

my comfort foods have been simple – and interesting.
that is when i actually feel like i want to eat.

i have been feasting on popsicles…lots of ’em
lots of water and fruit…mmmm fruit how i’ve missed you.
yesterday for lunch i was craving a cheese and tomato sandwich on…multi grain bread.  no other bread would suffice.
what is wrong with me???
i can’t even take advantage of the fact that i am under the weather and eat something sinful?

that’s ok.
i am eating things that obviously my body is asking for.
i’ve become this fruit addict…where i cannot get enough honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon
ohhh yummy goodness.

i am feeling a little guilty about how inactive i have been as of late.
lets face it though…not like i would be successful at the gym right now.
i would probably end up crying on the elliptical lol

(my mommy offered to come down and take care of me.  god i love that woman)

i did take the dog to the park last night, but really that consists of her running around being miss social
and me socializing with the parents.
no real exercise there…unless you count my lips moving.

i guess i am just feeling sorry for myself
woe is me.

i would appreciate some get better vibes though.
i am tired of getting MY ass kicked.  it’s time to go postal on this virus.
yeah baby

that is all

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