careful what you wish for

i’ve been begging for some down time.
lately i just feel like my whole life has been go go go.
don’t get me wrong, i actually enjoy being busy.

i’ve actually noticed that when i do have some down time
my legs are antsy and want to move.
amazing how things change when physical activity becomes one of the top priorities in your life.

but i am only human, and as hard as it was to admit
i really needed a break.
a break from everything.  i just wanted permission to be lazy, to catch up on my sleep and not worry about anything.

be careful what you wish for.

i guess all those feelings and thoughts i had…the universe heard loud and clear…
and she knocked me on my ass.

she could have picked a kinder way, but i guess this was the only way she could ensure i would get exactly what i needed.

I got a really bad stomach bug/flu over the weekend.
really bad.
i remember bowing down to the porcelain god, begging to die.
no joke.

8 hours of being really really sick…and about 24 hours of almost straight sleep…
how much more rest could one ask for?
not exactly what i was looking for.

it sucks being sick on your own.
sure my furbabies were really concerned about me – it was quite cute actually
one of my cats would watch over me while i was getting sick and try to hug me
the other ones cuddled right in to me while i was trying to sleep it off.

really sweet…however none of them got me a cold cloth or water.
in fact…i still had to walk the puppy.
that was fun.
i didn’t think i’d make it…and if anyone was watching me i wonder if they thought i was wasted.

i took sit down breaks while walking her…i was walking as if i drank a little too much
the best part was the elevator ride up.
sometimes the elevator decides to skip my floor and go all the way back to the first.
there are cameras on my elevator – and so i am sure my super was entertained by the mini breakdown i was having.
i just needed to get home…to my make shift bed in the bathroom.

i am feeling better.  meaning i haven’t eaten anything with substance in about 24 hours…so i haven’t been sick
but i feel like i’ve been run over by a dump truck.  over and over and over.
on the plus side…i am sure i lost a pound or 5 lol.

there will be no gym tonight – not tomorrow either at this point.
my body already feels like it had a serious work out.

so i am guessing i am getting all the rest i could possibly need.

thanks universe.  you rock.

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