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i cannot remember the last time i had a day “off”

meaning i always have something to do.  the gym takes up most of my week days…and the days i don’t do the gym…i catch up on my womanly duties lol

really it’s been months since i have had one day or night responsibility free (the puppy walking doesn’t count – besides she’s cute)

So i have been sitting here debating in my head whether or not i should just skip the gym tonight.

just take a me night.

go home, walk the puppy, take a nap…order thai and spoil myself.

so as soon as i decided there was no need to rush and get home and get to the gym…

i got really really tired
and i am nursing a little headache…
my eyes are barely open.

It seems as soon as i gave my body permission to chill right out – it listened…and it is.

I just find it so interesting!!

I have a crazy busy weekend…birthday party, water fun…trying on dresses 🙂

weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  fun fun weekend!!!  enjoy!

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hard things

I am sure you noticed a theme to my blog this week lol

i have a bit of a quote addiction…they keep coming to me, and speaking to me and so in turn i want to share them with as many people as i can.

Such a simple statement and yet so very true.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  enjoy the weather!!!

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so i already knew what i was gonna post tomorrow.

like i said a couple of posts ago…i am getting alot of quotes coming my way.

there was one that spoke to me but i didn’t want to overwhelm you guys so i thought i’d post them one at a time.

tonight i was checking email and facebook…and one of my groups – Couch to 5k posted the exact quote i’ve been holding on to for days.
so i thought i wouldn’t wait until the morning and share it with you now.

creepy the way things happen…the way the universe speaks to you.

good night friends 🙂

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