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something in the water??

Whenever i think i have nothing to talk about
i am proven wrong
(this is the only time i am ever wrong – just so you know)

As you may or may not know…i am not one who takes compliments well.
i do not like attention focused on me – it just makes me uncomfortable.

but sometimes – only sometimes – it’s so nice to hear.

I have had a couple of weeks where my eating has been completely off track
and my visits to the gym have been sporadic.
i blame a yucky stomach flu for that.
for a good week i ate whatever i wanted…and rested instead of going to the gym.

i know that this is ok…and i know that this is what my body needed
but still – going completely off track makes me feel terrible in a lot of ways.
the foods my body craved are also the foods that make me feel crappy – except for the fruit
a week with no working out made me feel…frumpy and fat.
and so i have all these thoughts swimming in my brain.
i could go on the scale and find out what the damage is – if there is any at all.  but that has never proven to be a good thing.  the scale and i are not friends.

Enter lady #1.  I see this woman every day of the work week.  We do not work for the same company but we work in the same building.
Our paths cross every single day.  We always exchange pleasantries…i have had several conversations with her.  she’s a nice lady.
Yesterday she seemed a little hesitant and then said “do i dare ask you if you have lost weight?”
it caught me completely off guard!  I said…not that i am aware of…at least not recently…but yes, over the past year i have.
she said she really noticed it so she had to say something.
i was really shy about that conversation, but it was great timing on her part!!

Lady #2 is someone i work with.  I see her at least once a week.  We had a conversation this morning…and she stops and looks at me and says…you have lost quite a bit of weight.
i said really????????
oh yes she says…you can really see it in your face!
this from a woman i just saw last week?? from a woman who knows i’ve been on a healthy track for the past year and more. i just find it soooo unusual considering these past couple of weeks i have felt anything but thin.
and then she said, yes you are really thin -that’s great if that’s what you want.
is that a nice way of asking me if i am ill or something?
I could lift up my shirt and show you my non existent 6 pack abs lol

But you know what?  these simple compliments couldn’t have come at a better time…
and i am thankful to hear them.
these ladies actually made me feel better about myself…and made all the silly thoughts in my head calm down.
i really needed to hear this at this point in the game.
thank you lovely ladies.

On the other hand…someone that i love big time – and shall remain nameless,  told me the other day…
that my pants – my most favourite jean capris in the world
make my ass look big.
insert shocked face here

nice ehh?
she meant it makes my small ass look a little bigger than what it is.
right nameless person???
you do know you will never live this one down.  in protest to your comment i am wearing those capris right now!

have a lovely long weekend kids.  I have a busy one ahead of me (what’s new right)

see ya next week!
***update.  i was just getting ready to post this blog…when i received an email via my facebook – from a family member asking – “have you lost more weight?  you are looking good!”
what is in the water today????****

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7 days

7 days.
1 week.

that is how long i took off of the gym.

i’ve been back into my routine this week…2 days at the gym…and i swear i can barely move.
how is that possible???
I am a tough, strong, non-complaining kick ass bee….so why???!

how can i lose so much stamina and why do i hurt so bad after being away for only 1 week??


i promised myself while i was sweating my butt off that i would never ever take a week off of the gym again – unless i was dead.
dead is a good excuse to not work out right?

but with my vacation fast approaching…i may give myself permission to not go…i mean…it’s vacation….i will be too busy lounging in the sun, drinking beer, sleeping in lol

so i guess i am willing to go through this pain again.

i’m just surprised…that’s all…cause as i said…i am a super tough bee! lol

I’ve been meaning to post this song forever – but keep forgetting.  hope you like as much as i do!
Click here

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I had a conversation with someone the other day
It was ironic since the conversation we had, was a topic that has been plaguing my brain for some time.


For some reason I have noticed the passing of time as of late.
It seems like everything is flying by and I am so perplexed!  When did all this happen?
Why is the passing of time so heavy on my mind?

My niece, surely she can’t be almost 3.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was waiting ever so patiently to meet her?

I spoke to my godmother yesterday.  Again, it can’t be 3 years that I have spoken to her can it?  I am blessed she still knows my name and recognizes my voice…but will it be that way a year from now?
we all know how quickly a year passes.

That friend…who surely I just saw not too long ago… has it really been over 6 months since I’ve seen her?

People that you thought you’d never live without – time passes and life goes on.

Hearts break, hearts ache…
And time has the miraculous ability to make them whole.

Death, sadness, tears….you do learn how to smile again.

This is the nature of time.

Where is this going?  Not too sure lol
This is what’s been on my mind lately.  How time seems to be flying at warp speed and I would like it to slow down just a little.
I mean am I not still 27?  Say it ain’t so!!

And so, the conversation I had the other day had me thinking about time even more.

A lovely lady asked me if I was afraid that I was “wasting my time”
Isn’t life for living?

She was referring to my routine.  Going to the gym, eating healthy.
Is it worth it …investing so much of your time – wasting your life like that?

It still bothers me – that statement – wasting your life.

For over 30 years I was wasting my days – obviously not every single day of my life.
But I wasted a lot of time.
A lot of time being sad, unhealthy, stagnant.
I also spent a lot of time being happy, healthy and go, go, go.

Nothing is wasted.  Not an ounce of this precious life that I have been gifted with will go to waste.

I live the way I live…to live as long as possible.  To take as much time as I can get.

I want the odds to be in my favour.  I know you can never know when your time is up…but I sure as hell would like to do anything in my power to hang around and find out.

I have a lot of life left in me.  A lot of spunk to share.

So lady I had the conversation with – no.  my life is not wasted.
My life is rich and full of so much potential.
Eating healthy and working out will never be a waste…if anything…maybe I am slowing down time.

I am sorry that your knees hurt…and you are over weight.
I am sorry that you don’t have the energy to take a brisk walk
I am sorry that you are border line diabetic.
I am sorry that you “just can’t stop” eating cookies and chocolate.
I am sorry that you feel the need to ask me how I can eat meat…while you are digging in to your plate of fries. (wow)

I wish you understood how much more energy you would have, if you just made some different choices
I wish you knew how just some small changes…would change your world as you know it.
But that’s not for me to tell you…that’s for you to want.  That’s for you to figure out in your own time.

No…I’m not wasting my time.
You on the other hand…

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they say…

laughter is the best medicine…and i would have to agree.

there is nothing better than getting together with friends and laughing.
you know the kind…the one that starts in the pit of your stomach…and makes you cry from joy.
i love belly laughing.
i love crying from laughing so hard.

what can be better for your health?  good friends, lots of laughs…and making memories.

While i was at a bbq, my friend and i decided to head over to the corner store.

there was a stand full of sunglasses that i of course had to look through…

and these are what i found:

aren’t they awesome???  my god.  i thought they were bad as is….and then i discovered they did tricks.  take a look lol

I DIED!!!  i mean why on earth do you need glasses like this?  why??!?!?!?

i was laughing so hard, that the guy who owned the variety store couldn’t help but start laughing himself lol
we sat there for a few minutes just laughing. (although i am pretty sure he was laughing at what the flourescent lighting did to my hair!)
sooooo funny.

My friend tried to talk me in to buying them.  I am kicking myself in the ass for not getting them now.  I just love them.  Maybe i can get my friend to buy them for me…

Anyways i couldn’t leave the store empty handed…so i ended up buying these babies.  Not as bad…right?

I am still laughing.

Hope this post made you smile today 🙂

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those of you who read my blog next door…already know my sad, traumatic story about my monchhichi’s.

seriously…it still bothers me.
i miss those little guys 😦

I had to go to the mall today to buy a dress – which by the way, i found the purrrfect dress without having a coronary or beating up random strangers!!  yay me!
Apparently the tag says i am an exta small.
I’ll take that thanks!

So i am standing in line waiting to pay and as i turn around…i see this:

i died!!!!  and yes…of course i bought it!!!

Sure, it’s not like having a real doll…cause i swear to you if i could actually find these guys i would buy them…i don’t care how old i am.  but isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

i feel like i am reclaiming a part of my childhood!

I am still traumatized over the loss of my dolls – but this helps the pain a little 🙂

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coffee, tea or me

it’s a random one today kids.

McDonald’s pissed me off this morning – again.

I take my hot coffee with a little bit of cream.  NO SUGAR.  by no sugar, i also mean no sweetener
face it, i am sweet enough.
If someone accidentally puts sugar in my coffee…i just can’t drink it.  I take a sip and my face looks like i just drank poison, or perhaps sucked on a lemon.
it’s just gross to me – i can’t have it in my coffee.

My tea??
i cannot have it without sugar. lol
it’s the complete opposite to my coffee.  and by sugar i mean sweetener.
if there is no sweetener i just can’t drink it!
why is that???

Iced Coffee??
it needs to be sweet.
so hot coffee – zero sugar.  iced coffee –  tons of sugar!!
i don’t get it.
it’s still coffee….so why do i like one sweet and one not sweet?
i can drink the iced coffee without sweetener – but it’s not as refreshing to me when it’s not sweet.

i’m an odd one i know.

So i was finally at my breaking point at McDonald’s today.
all week, specifically asking them to not add the sugary syrup in my iced coffee, but to just replace it with sweetener…i always get it with NO sweetener…
by the time i figure it out, i have left the parking lot and am in a mad hurry to get my already late butt to work.
i mutter some obscenities to myself cause it makes me feel better…and drink the iced coffee…begrudgingly of course

today when i ordered – i asked Katie if she could please make sure to put sweetener in my iced coffee as they have been forgetting all week.
sure she says…no problem and sorry about that.

i get my coffee – and they even wrote on the lid that it was made with sweetener.
I was happy!!

they lied.

there was no sweetener in it.

they made me have grumpy face this morning.
no one should ever have grumpy face on Friday’s – it’s the law.

So that’s my story.  Katie has disappointed me this week.

on to other news…i woke up with this song stuck in my head….if you want it stuck in yours, click here!

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fruit monster

this was last night’s snack:

and this was breakfast this morning:

i have been crazy addicted to my fruit this week!!!  especially my melon.

Most people would say, well bee that ain’t a bad thing – and i guess it really isn’t.


sugar in my life is not a good thing – even when it comes to natural sugar.
boo – that makes me sad ’cause it’s just so damn good!!

i am giving myself this week to nurture my body and give it what it’s asking for – even if it happens to be french vanilla ice cream 🙂

next week is back to the same ol’ same ol’

this week – bring me my melon!!!!

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